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He married Annie Ironside James of Portage la Prairie, a niece of Sir George Simpson, one of the Governors of the Hudson's Bay Co., and passed away in 1930. His widow was last known to be re­ siding in Victoria, B.C.


Representative Government

commenced in Manitoba in 1871, after a census had been taken and constituencies defined. Fred­ erick O. Bird (shown here) , of Portage la Prairie, was elected as a member of the first regular Legislative Assembly of the Prov-

Frederick O. Bird ince of Manitoba.

(Picture - courtesy of Manitoba Archives)


Hon. Robert Watson was born in 1853 in Elora, On tario, received his education there and became a millwright. He came to Portage la Prairie in 1876. (See 1886 business establishments listed in this book.)

During his lifetime he became a well-known political figure, having served in the Municipal Council for 2 yrs.; then for Marquette in the House of Commons (1882); Minister of Public Works in Mr. Greenway's provincial administration (1892); and as a delegate to Ottawa on the Manitoba School question (1896). In 1898 his address was Portage la Prairie.


We have mentioned the builders and business men first because withou t them the pioneer farmers and professional men could not have survived for very long.

However, it works both ways, in that the builders and business men could not have survived without. the patronage of the farmers and professional men.

We, therefore, feel it very fitting now to preserve for posterity the names of as many old-timers as available information allows:

W. HENRY ALBRIGHT: Came in 1874 and put in a crop on Slough Road (now Crescent Road).