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ARCHIBALD ANDERSON: Came in 1879 and first farmed the land where the Training School now stands.

JAMES BARRETT: Came in about 1881, farmed for a time, and contributed much to the U.F.M. and other organizations.

KENNETH BAIN (or McBAIN): A pioneer of the 1870's. WILDER AND ORANGE BARTLETT: Settlers prior to 1871. REV. DR. ALLAN BELL: Came in 1875 and was one of the

first pastors in Knox Church.

FRANK BODDY: Came to Portage in 1874 and homesteaded 6 miles north of town. Moved in 1892 to MacDonald.

ROBERT BROWN: Came in 1882 and farmed 10 miles north of Portage.

FREDERICK W. BROWN: Arrived in 1880 and farmed north­ east of Portage.

ROLAND BROWN: Came in 1878. He was a member of the first fire brigade, the first baseball club, the first cricket club and the first lacrosse club in Portage la Prairie.

GEORGE BATES: Is listed as a Postmaster in Portage la Prairie in the Manitoba Directory of 1882.

F. A. BRYDON: Came in 1875 and settled on north half of 7 -12-7 which is about seven miles northwest of Portage. The Brydon family have been identified with Portage for 95 years.

JOHN BRYDON: Came in 1871, and homesteaded 4 miles west of Portage.

JAS. BRYDON: Came in 1871, and homesteaded 3 miles straight west of Portage.

R. D. BYERS: Came to settle on the Portage Plains (in 1873) - 12 miles north of Portage.

CHARLES BURLEY: Was a merchant in Portage la Prairie in the early 1900s. (Mentioned in this book under "Music and Arts".)

GEORGE and JOSEPH CADMAN: Both arrived in 1870.

J. HOWARD CAMPBELL: Came in 1881 and settled in the Flee Island district where he farmed successfully until retiring to Portage in 1918.