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JOHN GARRIOCH: Spent some years working for the H.B.

Co. Later became a school teacher. Then farmed until his death in 1901. Rev. A. C. Garrioch, author of "First Furrows" was a son.

The REV. HENRY GEORGE: Assumed the duties of Venerable Archdeacon Cochrane when the latter retired.

JAMES T. GIBB: Came in 1881 and farmed land six miles north of Portage until 1912 when he retired in Portage.

MARK GRAHAM: Came in 1874 and homesteaded 8 miles northwest of Portage until 1888 when he retired to Portage. A son-in-law, A. E. Batters took over the farm.

HUGH GRANT: Came in 1871 and was the first settler west of Rat Creek. Two brothers, Donald and John, were also pioneer settlers.

GARDINER GREENLA Y: Served as one of the first policemen (military police) in 1870 in Portage Ia Prairie.

MARK GRAHAM: An early settler who came to the Portage district in 1879. Mrs. Mark Graham passed away at the age of 96 years in 1929. They were the parents of Mrs. A. E. Batters.

REV. WM. HALSTEAD: Came to Portage in 1876. He was a minister in the Methodist Church which was located on Crescent Road at that time.

JAMES HARGRAVE: Was employed by the "Company of Gen­ tlemen Adventurers Trading into Hudson's Bay", and transferred by them to Portage Ia Prairie in 187l. He continued in their service in Portage until 1876 when he was transferred again.

HUGH HARLEY: Came to Portage with his wife and family in 1881. In 1899 he accepted the position of Dominion Government Land and Immigra tion Agen tat Swan River.

WALTER HENDERSON: Arrived in Portage in 1877. Later moved to Brandon, but returned to Portage to retire.

JAMES HERBERT: In the 1870's worked with survey parties on the Portage Plains.

JOHN HOGG: A Notary Public and commissioner for taking affidavits in the early days.

ALBERT HUDSON: Came to Portage in 1879 and was hired to build a sawmill near Pratts Landing. He took a keen interest