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R. P. CAMPBELL: Had a furniture and undertaking business in the early days.

JOHN CARROL: Came to Portage in 1872 and homesteaded 3 miles west of the city.

NATHANIEL CASKEY: Settled on a farm in 188l.

RICHARD T. CRAIG: Came to Portage with William Trimble in 1872. They held the second and third homestead entries on the Portage Plains.

JAMES CUTHBERT: An early settler of 1886 in the Portage Creek area.

CHARLES CURTIS: A pioneer of 1869. He passed away in 1874. B. G. CREALOCK: Arrived in Portage in 1884 and worked for Frank Connor, Tom Sissons and Mr. Ferris respectively until 1886 when he made a payment of $20.00 on the S.W. 1/4 of 31-11-8. (Taxes were $2.351) In 1889 he bought the S.E. 1/4 of 31-11-8 with a first payment of $64.00. The first grain that he marketed was 14Y4 bushels of wheat, for which he received $8.12!

WILLIAM DAVIS: Came west in 1875, and settled in the Flee Island district.

JOHN PETER DEMARAIS: One of the settlers who was in­ duced to come to the settlement of Portage la Prairie by Venerable Archdeacon Cochrane.

MRS. WILLIAM FRANCIS: After the death of her husband, moved with her family to Portage and settled in the Hood District in 1909. She passed away in 1922.

ROBERT FLETCHER: Came to Portage in 1872, and acquired a homestead northwest of town. He was secretary of the school board and instrumental in choosing the site of Central School which was built years later.

JOHN FRANCIS: A Dominion Land Surveyor. Came to Portage in 1904. In 1912 he was elected Vice-President of The Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors.

JAMES FULTON: Came in 1875 and took up a homestead which has been passed on through the years to descendants.

WILLIAM GAIR and ALEXANDER GAIR: Early pioneers of the Portage district; arrived in 1871.