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With tasks too much for him And been very glad to do it,

Though your own future looked dim; If you have done the worthwhile things That gladdened hearts no end -

Then you've lived on the prairie;

You really have, my friend!

Anne M. Collier


Ask anyone, who has a summer home at Delta for some historical information concerning the place, and you are lucky if you get any further than a description of the lovely lake that meets the horizon, the soft as silk sand, and the beauty of the sunsets. It's understandable because all of this is true.

From the time that cottages are closed for the winter, their owners are looking forward to the first, warm, sunshiny day in Spring to get back. This is understandable too. And being only 15 miles from Portage, week ends can be spent there before and after the annual holidays.

Mrs. Hutchinson, who is now living out her twilight years in Portage, is one who has memories she enjoys sharing with others. She came from England in 1912 and went directly to live at Delta where her husband was then fishing on the lake (Manitoba). At that time the beach was thickly treed, and there were only a few cottages.

Mr. and Mrs. Hawkinson lived on the east beach near the site of the present Cadham cottage. Mr. and Mrs. John CruzeIle, who also depended on fishing for a living, made their home there too and drove their children into Portage to school until one was built in 1916. Mrs. Hutchinson remembers their little daughter, Mary, 8 years of age, drowning when a raft drifted out into deep water.

The Cruzelle home is now Mr. and Mrs. Joe Campbell's vacation home.

Mr. Young husband ran a small store on the lakeshore and was employed in the fish sheds. His son, Leslie, married the daughter of the cosmetic millionaire who developed "Kiss proof' lipstick.

A larger store, and hotel, was operated by a Mr. and Mrs.

Palmer who later sold to Gordon and Archie MacDonald after the