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first World War. These brothers built a tennis court that was the centre of Delta recreation until the high water of 1955 destroyed it.

Records show that the turn-table, which is shown here, was built by the Portage & Northwestern Railway Lake Branch in 1899. It was of wooden construction, and was hand operated, and could be likened to a lazy-susan. Being the means of turning an engine around to re-hook with the train and commence the return journey, it was a very important piece of equipment at that time.

The first train operated July 1, 1900. The line was acquired by the Canadian Northern Railway in 1901, and in later years in­ corporated into the Canadian National Railway system. The line from Oakland to Delta was abandoned and taken up in 1941.

A pier was erected and the track ran alongside the pier for approximately 1100 feet into the lake. This pier was eventually destroyed by ice piling up in that part of the lake.

Going back to Mrs. Hutchinson's knowledge of Delta history, we learn that, before her arrival there, a channel had been opened to facilitate the loading of railway cars with gypsum from the barges which brought it down the lake from Gypsumville. Then