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their arrival in the district. K. McKenzie, Sr., Robert Bell, Sr., Wm. Kitson, Hugh Grant, The Fraser Family, Rupert Munro, Chas. Fawcett, William and Alex Cair, Thomas Leader, Jonathon Troop, John and Wm. Rutledge, Geo. Yeomans, Adam Smith, Mathew, Walter, Thomas and Mack Ferris, W. A. McIntosh, Henry Treffry, Thos. Oliver (Rignold ), Sam Graham, Paisley (Rignold ), Mickel­ john family, J as. Askin, John Pallister, Henry Voss, Soloman and Thos. Beck, Rev. F. McCrae, Joseph Hyde and his mother and family, N. Graham, J. Walker, Jardine Bros., James Dunfield, Joseph Hall, Rev. A. J. Barltrop, R. L. Sturgeon, R. J. Fawcett, Thos. Doherty, John Hall, C. Doherty, Hector Paisley, Angus Ferris, Elias Brown, John Watkings, Charles Vickers, Fred Brown, John Lazier, Graham Forige, A. Boyer, John Burney, Harry Barltrop, David McFadden, John Adams, J. W. Allardyce, J. Irwin, John and William Ferguson, W. Hillman, W. Brown, Buckingham family, Wilbur Lamb and the Roy family.

Another pioneer worthy of mention is Mr. John Galbraith who came west in 1879 with his widowed mother and 8 brothers and sisters and worked on farms in the Portage area to help support them.

In 1889 he married a young lady named Margaret Spice and in 1908 he purchased the farm of one of her cousins, Walter Ferris.

The picture shown here will be of interest to strangers who read this book and wonder what the scenery is like, and will also bring back many memories to those who remember it.