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of the Woods and Paterson's). Another boarding-house was added too - Mrs. F. M. Brown's.

In 1929 the No.4 highway was built and in 1950-52, a more modern one which by-passed the town.

August 1940, saw the construction of the R.C.A.F. No.3 B & G School. The first class of airmen to come for training in 1941 were Australians. When the station closed in 1945 the Canadian Army used it for a time as a 'Vehicle Storage Depot.' Then the R.C.A.F. took it over as a 'Gunner School.'

In 1952, the Government bought the north half of 2-13-8 for a housing site, and 150 units were built for airforce personnel.

The station closed again in 1959. The provincial government bought the unoccupied airport in 1964 and sold the barrack blocks by public auction the following year. A number of buildings were opened for the housing of Indians from the Roseau Reserve when their homes were in danger during a flood in 1965-66.

It wasn't until the fall of 1945, when the Manitoba Hydro started a project to electrify Manitoba, that Macdonald got electricity. The benefits rural places enjoyed from this project are well known.

I t is impossible to get a complete list of the early pioneers, however a few more families can be added to the ones previously mentioned: Armstrongs, Elliotts, Kirkwoods, Boddys, Balfours, Ferris, Robertsons, Glennies and Rodgers.

The village of Macdonald is situated in Ward Four in the Municipality of Portage la Prairie. The municipality was formed in the year 1879 and included the town of Portage la Prairie until 1881. Originally, it was divided into two wards which were called East Ward and West Ward.

In 1903 it was divided into six wards and in 1914 into seven.

Each ward elected its councillor to represent it in the general council.

The councillors of Ward Four have been as follows: 1903-04, A. VV. Balmer; 1905, P. D. McArthur; 1906-10, R. J. Caskey; 1911, H. Bailey; 1912-15, K. C. McKenzie; 1916-31, C. A. Curtis; 1932-37, T. W. McCartney; 1938-45, C. A. Curtis; 1946-58, W. G. Brown; 1958-61, R. S. Adrian; 1962- , L. Morgan.

The following from Ward Four have served as Reeves of the Portage Municipality: 1911-12, R. J. Caskey; 1932-35, C. A. Curtis; 1938-40, T. W. McCartney; 1964- ,R. S. Adrian.