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West Prospect, Burnside and Macdonald have always been close­ ly associated, and families of Belle Plain attended church services and helped with the maintenance of the church in one or the other of those places.

The Belle Plain School District No. 46 was established in 1877.

The site of the original school, on the N.E. Corner of Sec. 19- Town­ ship 12, was probably chosen for its central location. This land had been leased on Feb. 7, 1874 to Private L. Gutteridge of the 1st Ontario Battalion of Rifles which had been sent west to quell the Riel Rebellion. However, contrary to Government wishes, this gen­ tleman did not stay and the land was later homesteaded by J. Scott. The school board leased one square acre from Mr. Scott for the sum of five cen ts per annum!

A log school was built and opened in 1880 with an enrollment of thirty pupils. The first remembered teacher "vas Miss M. Camp­ bell, and the Secretary- Treas. was Mr. Phillip McKay.

By 1895 it had become necessary to build a new school, Mr.

Jonathon Henderson was paid $50.00 for an acre of land on the N.W. corner of section 20 and the school was erected there at a cost of $629.00. Trustees at this time were J. A. Fisher, James Scott and John McKay. Mr. R. G. Taylor was the first teacher in the new school at a salary of $450.00 per year.

The site of the original school was sold to R. B. Hill in 1907 for one dollar!

Belle Plain school closed in 1965 and the pupils were sent to MacDonald C.S.

The last school board consisted of Mr. Geo. Wolfe, Mr. Kenneth Moffit, Mrs. Laura Adams and NIr. Reg. Bruce.

Skating, curling, baseball and hunting have been the main sports of the district through the years.

The Portage In Prairie Plowing Match Asscn. has been in exis­ tence since 1900, and in the passing years Belle Plain District has been the host on several occasions.

In 1962 the two day even t was held on the Batters' farm. There were 65 competitors who came from provinces from all across Canada. J (Toby) Trimble was declared Canadian Champion and Mickey Demman of High Bluff took a third prize that year.

The following names have been 5U bmitted as early settlers: P.

McKay, W. Trimble, R. Craig, J. McKay, Ed. and John Scott, J.