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Ferris) S. Justus, J. Fisher, M. Graham, Ployfords, Thurstons, J. Mellon, J. Gallaway, F. Jackman, T. and H. O'Neill, Hendersons, T. Latimer, D. Irwin, Whimsters, N. Caskey, A. Batters, W. Perry, R. Simpson, T. Gibson, R. Sturgeon, John Caskey and Harry Kitson.

It's regrettable that space and time does not allow a followup on all the families to the present day. (A complete listing of all the people in the municipal! ty would fill a book in itselfl)

Suffice it to say - that Belle Plain has been one of the places we can be proud of, for showing courage, determination and ambition through the years.


A very interesting book could be written about Poplar Point alone. Its history actually goes back to before the time of Sieur de la Verendrye who built the first Fort de la Reine there. Records show that the Hudson's Bay Co. had a fur trading post there as early as 1835. (This post did business until 1885.) The last manager was Mr. John Armstrong, brother of Hugh Armstrong, M.L.A.

The building was of log construction and was in existence until 1960 when it was torn down.

Poplar Point, which name is descriptive, is listed in "Place­ Names of Manitoba" by the Geographic Board of Canada as located at 12-4-1. It also says that there was a Post Office there before 1870.

The Edmonton Trail, used by ox trains travelling from St. Paul, U.S.A., to Edmonton, ran through the village. This part of the trail later became part of the first No. 1. highway. (Poplar Point is now bypassed by the Trans-Canada Highway.)

One of the most in teresting historical buildings in the village is St. Anne's Church, which was built under the instruction and super­ vision of Archdeacon Cochrane in 1859 and is still being used. The people of Poplar Point are deserving of praise for preserving this old sacred edifice; a memorial to the man who planned it, the men who built it and the people who received spiritual guidance and strength wi thin its walls.

West Poplar Point school was opened in a building just east of this church in 1860 and was under its auspices until 1882 when another school was built just north of the church alongside of the trail. This building is still standing and is privately owned.