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Yes, W. J. Boddy kept a journal. Maybe he realized that it would become more histori­ cally valuable as time went on. Maybe he wrote it with a cer­ tain faith that his descendants would enrich history by su b­ mitting his knowledge of the events that it would contain; events laboriously penned with quill and ink. His faith was justified and T. W. Boddy made it possible for us to in­ clude part of the journal in this book.

The first part of the rna te­ rial on hand takes in conditions abroad which we will omit. We will start quoting from where the text describes events which will be of more interest to Portagers and most Mani­ tobans.

Mr. Boddy titled the text - "Events - Jan. 7th, 1871 ". Quote - "We pass over the petty conflicts in Ireland and the United States, and come to our own homes and hearth. Canada altho' a few years ago boasted of achieving so much by Confedera tion, and that too, without bloodshed, without serious strife, Nova Scotia being the only dissenting province in the union and she in a short time pacified and entered into Confederation with all her might to extend British influence and British liberty for a new prosperity, attended our cause in anticipation, extension of territory and began our registration wi th the English govern men t to secure the North West Territory from the Hudson's Bay Co. Our delegate was sent to England with full powers to settle with the Imperial Government if they should hand it over to the Canadian Governmen t.

All went well until Canada sent, in the month of October, 1869, the formidable William MacDougall to assume the govern­ ment of the country, his commission to take effect on the 1st day of Sept. 1870 provided that negotiations then pending would be faithfully carried out.