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T. A. Newman and his brother, F. L. Newman were doing a thriving business in 1880, in the general store shown here.

T. A. Newman with his granddaughter, Norma, who is now Mrs. N. M. Cheater of Winnipeg, Man.

This picture is of special historical in­ terest because of the scene in the fore­ ground. Note the oxen, covered Red River Carts and the cutter high in the left hand corner.

John Costigan and Cyprian Costigan were two business men who added to the growth of the settlement in 1880. They came from Italy where they were known as 'Costigano'.

In a strange country, with an un­ familiar language, they never asked for help or a hand-out from anyone, but showed determination to live by the sweat of their brow. They started by selling fruit from door to door, which was no easy task in the early days when build­ ings were scattered and the roads unpaved and rough.

Eventually they saved enough to establish a little store where they sold confectionery, fruit and tobacco. This building was destroyed by fire so they started anew. No sooner had they established on a new site than their second venture went up in flames! Such luck would have been enough to discourage most people - but not the Costigans, A third venture proved more fortunate and this building is still stand­ ing on Saskatchewan Avenue today.