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The veracity of the foregoing paragraph might be questioned by anyone who notices the deserted streets in this picture of part of the business section on Saskatchewan Avenue in 1890. The explanation is simple. The picture was taken on a Sabbath day and people took their religion seriously. A view of the streets where churches were located would have shown numerous buggies, democrats and even wagons that had conveyed families to their favorite places of worship.

Young people, seeing this picture, may ask, "Did they have park­ ing meters back in those days, Grand-dad?" For those who haven't got a grandfather to answer that question we will do so here. No, those are not parking meters that you see along the outer edge of the board-walk. They are what were called 'hitching posts' which were used to tether horses while families were in stores shopping. Stores erected these at their own expense for the convenience of customers, and no shopper ever found a parking ticket peeking out from a crack on the driver's side of the buggy when he or she was ready to go home.

The Board of Trade had reason to be optimistic as the following members took office in 1892: President, [as. McLenaghen; Vice-pres., J. G. Rutherford; Secretary, P. Whimpster; Councillors, A. P. Camp­ bell, E. Phillip, G. C. Armstrong, G. W. Robinson, W. Forsythe, T. A. Garland, E. Brown, J. Watson, D. B. Hanna, G. B. Hausser, T. B. Millar and W. P. Smith. New business advertisements started appear­ in the local papers:

Barristers - A. A. McLennan (Office over Hutchings and Davidson's Harness Store, Sask, Ave.), Martin & Anderson (no loca­ tion given), W. J. Cooper (Office next to the Lafferty Block) and D. A. Macdonald (Next door to Jno. Giles & Son).

Dentist - W. C. Kaake, L.D.S. (Office over Laurens' Store, Corner of Main St. and Sask, Ave.)

Storekeepers - J. Macauly, J. Anderson and J. B. Henderson. 66