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Lumber dealers .. ~ Dick Banning, Marlatt & Housser, Ed. Logan

and J. M. Taylor. .

Carpenters and Builders - Gray & Stables.

W. R. Bowman advertised as a "Music Dealer" and Prof. M. E.

Wright opened a music studio in the Lafferty Block.

Ferguson Bros. started a wood and coal business on Saskatchewan Ave. and notified the public that they could also be called upon to move safes and pianos.

J. Pyefinch was in the watch repair business and advertised a sale of main springs for $1.00 and watches cleaned for $1.00.

George Murton (Clothier), Fairburn & Co. (Harness Dealers), and D. S. Macdonald (Auctioneer) all advertised in the papers of 1892.

The only business that was not wished prosperity, even though it was one that filled a need, was operated by R. P. Campbell & Co. who were Undertakers & Embalmers at that time.


When we read of storms, cyclones and floods in other parts of the world, it is a natural tendency for people to think, "It couldn't happen here." Meaning here in Portage la Prairie.

When old-timers tell their grandchildren about the storm in 1892, they can see the expression on young faces which says, "Poor old grandpa is old, his memory may not be too good, we don't want to hurt his feelings so we will listen to another of his exaggerated stories."

It might interest many young people to know that grandpa is not exaggerating when he recalls events of the past. It might spark a speck of thinking to remember grandpa was not born old, and even though work and wind and worry may have etched a pattern on his face, his memory goes back to the time when he was young like you.

PORTAGE STORM NOTES - from the Weekly Review paper, May 4, 1892, had this to say: (Quote)

"The smoke stack of the paper mill was blown down; one of the chimneys of Knox church went with a crash through the roof of the vestry; fire started at the Albion hotel; housekeepers all over town were watching their stoves with great anxiety; two boarding cars