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W. A, Linden

Back in 1893 many' boys proved they were men when they were sixteen years of age, and William Augustus Linden was one of them. When he came to Portage la Prairie, on that date, and at that tender age, his worldly possessions were a minus quantity but he had the same faith and fortitude as the older pioneers, as well as a wealth of 'plant knowledge'. Information concerning him in 1965 said, (Quote) - "Uncle started his business by growing tomato plants and went on from there. He learned it scientifically and he could run off the latin names of all the flowers like a native. He worked hard all his life, of course."

Mr. William Augustus Linden started his first greenhouse on the site that is now known as 'the girls' playground' at Victoria school. At that time there were school gardens where the present Linden Florist shop is today.

It was in 1909 that the 'school gardens land' was purchased by Mr. Linden. Building started that year and in 1910 'Linden's Flowers' became a business that has survived the passage of time.