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with the University of Manitoba in the Department of Private Funding where she spent twelve years.

Penny Marlyn was born on October 14, 1974, III Edmonton, AB. Penny and partner, Grant Bader, reside III Winnipeg. Penny is a travel agent for the American Express Business Travel Centre. Grant is an investment represen­ tative with the Investors Group.

Lynley Anne was born on July 20, 1977 in Souris, MB. Lynley lives and works in downtown Vancouver, BC. She spent four years at the University of Manitoba and took a year off to work and travel before completing her degree.

In June of 1999, Bob, after a total of twenty-three years with Manitoba Telecom Services, opted for a volun­ tary retirement package. Bob and Barb (along with the family's pet poodle, Coco) moved and are presently resid­ ing in Kent, Washington. Bob is employed on a massive conversion of AT&T's broadband network that enables the delivery of telephone and high speed Internet services as well as cable television to the Seattle area.

Theodore Paul (Ted) was born on September 18, 1949, in Dauphin, MB. He worked out on the West Coast for a few years and later moved back to Manitoba to work with his parents at the service station. Ted ended up attend­ ing Community College in Brandon, where he met, and eventually married, the former Linda Assoignon. They moved out west to Lloydminster, SK, where Ted worked in the oil fields. It was there that their children, Jonathan, Christina, and Jeffrey were born. Later on, Ted, Linda and family moved back to Manitoba where Ted drove trans­ port trnck for Penner's out of Steinbach and lastly, Arnold Brothers Transport of Winnipeg. It was during a road trip on November 5,1992, near Weyburn SK, that Ted suddenly took ill and passed away as a result of an aneurysm. Linda and children continue to live in Winnipeg.

Jonathan Paul was born on January 28, 1981, in Lloydminster, SK. Jonathan is presently completing his schooling.

Christina Sigra was born on May 24, 1983, in Lloydminster, SK. Christina is still attending high school. She belongs to and enjoys Sea Cadets and after gradua­ tion hopes to continue in a career with the Navy.

Jeffrey Theodore was born on August 31, 1985, in Lloydminster, SK. Jeffrey is still attending high school. He is an active young lad with a keen interest in science.

Paulette Rosemary was born on July 13, 1953, in Dauphin, MB. In 1986, Paulette and her children, Susan, Wendy and Kenneth Haralson moved to Winnipeg. Three years later, in 1989, Paulette met Fred Homann. Fred and Paulette continue to live in Winnipeg. Paulette works with the Manitoba Federation of Labour, and Fred is General Manager of the Manitoba Chicken Producer Board. Paulette is active in the Bison and Granite Business Girls Curling Clubs. She and Fred enjoy skiing, hiking, canoeing and the

occasional road trip on their motorcycles. They also enjoy spending time at their cottage at Lake of the Woods.

Susan Anne was born on September 1, 1972, in Minnedosa, MB. After graduating from high school, Susan received her certification as a pharmacy technician. She went on to train in an office skills and technology program. Susan and her partner, Dan Laurencelle, reside in Winnipeg. Susan is employed with the Arctic Group Inc. as an exec­ utive assistant. Dan is plant manager for one of the Arctic Group's locations. They enjoy baseball, camping, and trav­ elling.

Wendy Katherine was born on October 25, 1973 in Minnedosa, MB. After high school graduation Wendy went on to receive her drafting technician certification and completed the office skills and technology program. She is employed as an arbitration secretary for the Manitoba Government Employees' Union in Winnipeg and enjoys volleyball, baseball and snowboarding in her spare time.

Kenneth Arthur Paul was born on August 30, 1975 in Erickson, MB. After graduating from high school Ken went on to take production art. He is currently employed in the restaurant industry in Winnipeg.

Patricia Katherine (Pat) was born on May 15, 1958, in Erickson. Pat took nursing and graduated as a LPN from St. Boniface School of Nursing. After several years, she decided to take further training and obtained her Registered Nursing degree. Pat was remarried in 1984 to David Bowes in Winnipeg. David's origins were in Chatham, NB, with his parents still residing there. In 1987, an opportunity presented itself for Dave; a position of manager of a fish hatchery for the Norwegian firm, Sea Farm. The hatchery was located a few miles from the Bay of Fundy, and close to the town of Sussex, NB. In November 1987, Dave, Pat and girls left Manitoba and moved east, settling in the community of Penobsquis, a short drive from Sussex. Pat was able to secure a position at the Sussex General Hospital and, for the past several years, has worked in the Intensive Care Unit.

Pat's source of pride and relaxation is her perennial flowerbeds. She has become a respected source of infor­ mation to her friends and co-workers. She was instrumental in initiating a plant exchange party that has become an annual favourite to area gardening enthusiasts.

Pat and Dave have two daughters, Melodie and Angela.

Melodie Elaine was born on April 6, 1980, in St.

Boniface, MB. After graduation from high school, she is in the process of completing a two-year Chefs course at the Culinary College in St. Andrew's By the Sea, NB.

Angela Dawn was born on October 18, 1984, III Selkirk, MB. Angela is still attending high school. She enjoys baseball in the summer and downhill skiing in the winter. Angela is uncertain what career path she will take.