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Alvin, Patti andfamily

Alvin Kowalick and Patti Warrington were married September 3, 1988. We resided in Minnedosa until April 1,1994.

Alvin worked for the Minnedosa Creamery from January 15, 1989 to December 1995. Patti worked at the Royal Bank from May 1981 until December 1992. Kailey Teal was born on September 6, 1989; Lindsay Rae was born on March 6, 1992; and Ricky Brenden was born on December 21, 1993. In August 1994, we purchased the Warrington family farm and reside there to date. Alvin farms full-time and works part-time for McInnes Farms. Patti works part-time for the Erickson Credit Union and is a councillor for the R.M. of Clan william. All three chil­ dren are actively involved in sports.


Jackie, Karl, Matthew and Emma Kroeker

Karl is the son of Jacob and Anna Kroeker of Winnipeg, MB. Jacob and Anna were born in Neundorf, a Mennonite village near Zaporoh lye in the Ukraine. They left as teenagers during the German invasion of Russia in WW II. Men were conscripted into the German army, while women and children walked to Germany. Following WW II, families reunited in 1948 in Paraguay where Mennonites were welcomed in order to open up the farm­ land of the Chaco. Jacob and Anna were married in 1950 and moved to Winnipeg in 1956 along with their extended families and remain there at this time. Jacob and Anna have just retired from beekeeping. Karl was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 18,1953.

Jackie, daughter of Perry and Blanche Wilson, born on April 8,1954 grew up in the town of Fergus, Ontario. The Wilson family were of Scottish heritage, and owned and operated the James Wilson & Sons Mill on the Grand River at Fergus from the mid 1800's. Blanche Dierstein's forbearer Michael Dierstein was a Swiss Mennonite who came to the Port of Philadelphia in 1732 and settled in the Mennonite community of Germantown. Blanche and Perry were married in June of 1947. Perry owned and operated Perry Wilson Construction, building schools, stores and banks throughout southern Ontario. Blanche is now retired in Toronto.

Karl and Jackie met in 1978 while both working at the Freshwater Institute in Winnipeg. They married on April 7, 1979, and lived on 50 acres near East Selkirk, MB. After the birth of Matthew on November 12, 1979, Karl's long absences for work in Northern Canada became unde­ sirable. In January of 1981, we left for Goroka, Papua New Guinea, with CUSO, to manage Kotuni Trout Farm. Emma was born in Goroka on September 15, 1981. We lived in the tropical mountain village of Kotuni until November 1983, when we started our long trip back to Canada. During four months of travelling with our two and four year old toddlers, we saw the east coast of Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and travelled from the south­ ern tip ofindia to the north, as well as Nepal and Thailand.

After initially settling in Winnipeg, we decided that city life was not for us. Jackie found seasonal work at Riding Mountain National Park in 1984, which brought our family to the Erickson area. We purchased NW 24-18-18 from Laura Tiller in January 1985, and moved here in the spring. Karl resumed his career as a Fisheries Biologist and travels to much of Northern Canada in the summer months, then works from home during the winter months. Matthew and Emma attended school in Erickson. Matthew gradu­ ated in 1997 and Emma in 1999. Jackie decided on a career in nursing and returned to the School of Nursing at Brandon General Hospital, graduating as a RN in 1989. She has worked at Erickson Hospital, Minnedosa Hospital, Neepawa Hospital and also Home Care.