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The Council of the R.M. of Clanwilliam and the Village of Erickson formed a jointly owned and operated Fire Department known as the Erickson and District Volunteer Fire Department.


Resolved that we hereby accept the tender of Peter Wonsel, Box 182, Sandy Lake, MB for the demolition and salvage of the building situated on Lots 2/6 Plan 660 in the Village of Erickson (old hospital) for the tendered amount of $\,663.00 to be completed to the satisfaction of Council by July 15, 1990.


Resolved that we support the Recycling project with the Retreads jointly with the R.M. of Clanwilliam in regard to fuel expenses, etc.


Whereas the Erickson Retreads recycling group has made a considerable effect and contribution to recycling in Erickson as a volunteer group. Significant community support for the current recycling effort has been demonstrated. Recycling is widely accepted as an effective method of reducing natural extraction and reducing landfill requirements for future gener­ ations. Be it resolved that the Village of Erickson express a commitment to work in partnership with Riding Mountain National Park, other neighbouring jurisdictions and volun­ teer organizations to enhance and expand the present recycling network in the South Riding Mountain area.


Be it resolved that we accept the tender for the Fire Hall Workshop from C. Carter Construction in the amount of $54,526.30. The above is a joint building for the Village of Erickson and the R.M. of Clan william.


Be it resolved that we support the Erickson Women's Institute in their request to acquire the building known as the 'Perky Pioneer Centre' to be used as a Community Centre.


Be it resolved that we authorize Mayor Johnson and Councillors Mochnacz, Yanchycki and Town Foreman, Ken Podruski, and spouses to attend the Manitoba Good Roads banquet to be held February 25, 1996 on behalf of the Village of Erickson which is the recipient of the award for urban centres - population of 1200 or less.

Council spent a good deal of time planning and complet­ ing the following projects: ajoint project in the construction of a Fire Hall Workshop now completed in the Village of Erickson.


A Recycling Depot completed and operating in the Town of Erickson jointly with the R.M. of Clanwilliam, Local Goverument District of Park and Riding Mountain National Park.

Planning and completing the Waste and Disposal site now located on SW 32-17-18WI in the R.M. of Clan william. Council was also informed that the Village of Erickson has officially become the 'Town of Erickson, as of October 25, 1997.

The Town of Erickson requested Centra Gas to pursue the possibility of supplying natural gas to the town with a market survey of our community.


Bylaw No. 521198 was passed by Council to provide for the entering into an E-911 agreement with the City of Brandon.

The Manitoba Forestry Association offered approximately 40,000 trees to be allotted for planting a nursery in Erickson to be used for planting along the rail line.

Mayor Anne Johnson was thanked for her service as coun­ cillor and mayor and was presented with a gift.


Mayor Wally Yanchycki reported to Council that the Provincial Electoral Boundaries have been set and Erickson will fall under the jurisdiction of the Russell Constituency. Council is investigating the expansion of the lagoon, but to date have made no decisions on same.

Town Council sponsored a Tea at the Legion on Apri1l7, 1999, honouring Dr. Khandelwahl for his long service in Erickson.

Council purchased millennium banners and a bronze plaque is being considered for the cairn at the Centennial Grounds. Council was busy with the plans for the 2000 celebration. Council is in the process of purchasing land owned by the railway in the village but plans are progressing very slowly. Council members are very busy on various committees and organizations that Council belongs to. Some of the organizations are:


Emergency Measures Organization Airport Commission

Parks Board

Erickson and District Fire Department Erickson and District Recreation Commission Erickson and District Health Foundation Parkland Regional library

South Mountain Waste Management Minnedosa Area Veterinary Services Board Heritage Committee

Service for Seniors