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Skoglund, who had immigrated from Sweden in 1893. Albert attended Lund School. He worked on the family farm.

Astrid Elizabeth was born in the Rural Municipality of Minto, 34-15-18, onApril 10,1906, the youngest often children born to Anders and Beda Jansson who had emigrated from Sweden in 1894. They moved to the Hilltop District when Astrid was five years old, settling on 17-17- 17 in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. Astrid attended Hilltop School and lived at home until she married Albert on July 18, 1930 in Minnedosa, MB.

They farmed on the NW 21-17-17 and SW 22-17-17.

While living there, their three children were bom. In 1943, they sold their farm to Alfred Skoglund and purchased the John Magnell farm on No. 10 Highway near Erickson. They lived there until retirement in 1962. They sold their farm to Bob Kingdon and moved to Erickson and bought the former Chris Skovmose house. While living in Erickson, Albert kept busy painting and wallpapering, etc. as well as helping his sons-in-law on their respective farms. Astrid enjoyed cooking and baking her own bread and buns. They were active members of the Hilltop Baptist Church. They both enjoyed gardening, driving to Carberry to pick potatoes, and travelling to Be. They also enjoyed knitting, braiding rngs and quilting. They were known to family and friends alike as 'Momo' and 'Grandy'. In 1988, unable to care for themselves in their little home in Erickson, Albert and Astrid moved to Maple Ridge, BC, living with Olav and Lula, and later to Alouette Manor where Albert passed away on October 21,1999, at the age of 96 years. He is laid to rest at Maple Ridge Cemetery. Astrid still resides at Alouette Manor and has celebrated her 94th birthday.

Lula Elizabeth, born April 7, 1931 on NW 21-17-17, attended Lund and Erickson Schools. She worked at Erickson Co-op Store until her marriage to Olav Shell born on June 24, 1950. (see Shellborn, Olav and Lula)

Viola Pauline, born October 12, 1936, at Miss Cumming's Nursing Home in Erickson. She attended Erickson Elementary and High School and Normal School in Winnipeg. Graduating from Normal School in 1955, Viola taught school in Mcf.onnell, Alexander and Newdale. She married Jim Emerson of McConnell on July 2, 1960. Jim and Vi lived on the Emerson family farm in McConnell until 1972. They moved to Brandon where they owned Emerson Reality as well as entertaining for dances and club­ rooms. Tn 1989, they moved to BC where Jim worked as a Funeral Director for the Arbor Group until his death on December 2, 1999. Vi continues to live in Surrey, BC and operates a small catering business. They have two children. Paul Douglas was born May 13, 1961 and is living in Surrey Be. He is Fleet and Lease Manager for Flag Chevrolet. Paul and Anita have two children: Kelsey born in 1997 and Kristy born in 1999. Elan Elizabeth was born

June 2, 1964, lives in Toronto and is a Chartered Accountant. She works as a senior project manager for accounting software installation. Through her work, she travels to many cities in North America.

Sylvia Christine was born Febrnary 17, 1943 at Mrs.

Biczo's Nursing Home in Eirckson. She died in infancy and is buried at Hilltop Baptist Cemetery.

Back row: Evan, Elan, Vi and Paul holding Kelsey Seated is Anita holding Kristy


Gordon Skoglund Family (1994)

Back row: Gerald and Craig

Centre row: Susan, Christopher, Elliot Front row: Brittany, Jarett, Selma and Gordon

Gordon and Selma lived on SW 22-17 -17W where we settled following our marriage in July 1949. Our first house was a two-story frame house built by Albert Ramgren in 1930. In 1961 a three-bedroom bungalow was built by