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Since our marriage on August 20, 1983, we have had four children. Our oldest is Jennifer and she was born on May 1, 1985. Tiffany, our youngest daughter, was born on March 22, 1987. We also have two boys. Dustin, our oldest son, was born on November 7, 1989 and our youngest son, Matthew, was born on November 11,199l.

In April 1987, we no longer ran the dairy and we moved across to the south side of Otter Lake where we had a mixed grain and cattle farm until we moved out to Alberta inApril 1997. We now reside on an acreage 8 kms. North of the small town ofKitscoty, AB. Kitscoty is located just off Highway 16, about 24 kms. West of Lloydminster, AB. It has about the same population as does Erickson.

Our children attend the Junior/Senior High School in Kitscoty. Jennifer is presently in Grade 9 and Tiffany is in Grade 7. They are both active in their school activities and enjoy being in the school band. Jennifer plays the trnmpet and is in three different bands at the school. She plays in the junior band and she was also invited to play with the senior band this year, which consists of students from Grades 10-12. They practice before school starts, 2- 3 times per week. She was also asked by the music teacher to join a newly formed jazz band that practices after school, one day per week. Tiffany enjoys playing her saxophone and will work with the junior band for now. Jennifer contin­ ues with her piano lessons and will be taking her Grade 6 exam this year and will be taking her first level oftheory.

Both of the girls are involved in sports and seem to excel there as well. Both are currently in badminton. Jennifer recently won a bronze medal with her partner in the mixed doubles tournament. Tiffany has been selected to rnn in the zone cross-country races in St. Paul this year. She was also asked to take part in a pitching clinic for base­ ball, which is her passion.

Dustin and Matthew attend the Kitscoty Elementary School. They are in Grades 4 and 2 respectively this year. Dustin in involved in the Top Dog K-9 4-H Club, which was newly formed this year through Alberta 4-H. They recently had their speeches and he was given second place for his speech on Chocolate Labs. We have two at our house. At this 4-H, they learn how to look after their dog, train it and all the other aspects of having a dog. Both boys are members of the Wolf Cubs in Kitscoty as well. Dustin longs to play hockey and Matthew loves swim­ ming and bowling. Matthew is the Pokemon expert at our house.

Allan continues to work in the oilfield, servicing the storage tanks. Because there is a lot of sand and water that comes out of the ground along with any oil, these tanks have to be cleaned of this sand and water and hauled away to special dumping stations or sand pads. We have bought two trncks in the past three years in order to do this work.

Right now, the industry is very busy, so our trncks rarely get a day's rest. We have Kevin Rogers as our full time driver and two other local relief drivers. Allan drives full time as well.

Allan also could not be without cows so he bought himself ten' girls' to keep himself in touch with the cattle industry again. They are kept at a friend's farm, close to where Allan works. You can take the boy off the farm but

For myself, I am very busy with my children and all of their activities. I also have been employed as a Teacher's Aide for the past two years. I work in a small town that is just north of our house, about a 1 G-minute drive. I look after a little girl with Downs Syndrome, two and a half days per week. The rest of the week, I am an aide in Grades 2 through 6. I continue to take night courses when they are offered in order to obtain my T.A. Certificate, There is never a dull moment!


Mark married Lyne Shurvell of Sandy Lake, MB on August 20, 1977. They have four children, three daugh­ ters and one son.

Mark worked for VE. Hampton and Burton Enterprises in Minnedosa, MB as he completed the neces­ sary training and schooling he needed to become a qualified electrician. He began working for Riding Mountain National Park in 1980 as soon as he received his electri­ cal license. He applied for and won the competition for Senior Maintenance Supervisor quickly thereafter. In 1997, Mark was promoted to Manager of Technical Services where he is still today.

Lynne worked as a secretary for Burton Enterprises for awhile after they married. She then decided to stay at home and raise their family for the next eleven years. In the fall of 1990, when her youngest child was five, she started a government licensed family daycare, which she is still operating.

Mark and Lynne enjoy all kinds of dancing, but west­ ern in particular. Their other hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, golfing, curling, playing cards, enter­ taining and spending quality time with family and friends and especially their two young grandchildren.

Shanda is the eldest daughter of Mark and Lynne Wrnth. She was born on May 3, 1979 at Brandon General Hospital. She attended school at Erickson and graduated in June 1998. She was very interested in all sports and received a trophy for both Junior and Senior Athlete of the Year. She married Dallas Rose of Basswood, MB on June 27, 1998. Dallas works for Agricore at Basswood. Shanda is presently staying at home to raise their two small chil­ dren. Their son, Colton, was born on October 31, 1998 and their daughter, Kiana, was born November 22, 1999.