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Prosak, Bill and Stella

Proven, Rick and Amy

Purves, John and Isabelle Robinson, Frank and Chris Robitaille-Gillies, Gar and Rita Rudniski, Joseph and Katie Rushton, Archie and Christine Scott, George and Florence Shell born, Emil and Esther. Shellborn, Glen and Ada

Shell born, Magnus and Amanda Shellborn, Olav and Lula Shellborn, Robert and Jean Shellborn, Roy and Martha Shellborn, Wade and Janice Shindela, Steve and Helen Sillen, Adolph and Emily

Sillen, Albert and Agnes

Sillen, Ellis and Viola

Sillen, Fred and Helen

Sirett, Drs. Morley and Nancy Sjoberg, Donald

Sjoberg, Lawrence

Skipper, Donald and Jacqueline Skoglund, Albert and Astrid Skoglund, August and Kristina Skoglund, Gordon and Selma Skogstad, Walter and Mary Slobodian, Calvin and Eleanor. Slobodian, Leonard and Janice Slobodian, Nick and Nellie Small, John (Tkacznk)

Smith, David and Leona

Smith, Malcolm and Lyla Snyder, Tom and Rosie

Soltys, Alan and Valerie

Soltys, Joseph and Violet Soltys, Thomas and Anne Squance, Larry and Linda Steele, Donald and Shirley Stitt, Donald and Joan

Stitt, Eleanor

Stitt, Harold and Millie Stitt, Howard and Helen Stone, Lome and Alice Stone, Norman and Joyce Sundberg, Bert and Myrna Sundmark, John and Hanna Sweet, Ron and Margaret.

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Swiscoski, Fred and Florence Swiscoski, Ray Allan

Syslak, Carl and Bertha

Thoren, Alfred and Mary

Tiller, Harry and Gladys

Tiller, Russell and Kaye

Tinkler, William George Jano Tkaczuk (Small) Family Tompsett, Earl and Marjorie Town, Cam and Colleen

Turner, Gordon and Gladys

Uhl, Bob and Laverne

Ullberg, Earl and Eleanor Ullberg, Ernie and Yvonne Ullberg, Vaughn and Brenda Usick, Rudy and Marion Vanderschuit, Wybo and Sharon Vaughan, Donald and Donna Waddell, Vic and Arlene Waldron, Sidney

Wall, Henry and Anne Walstrom, Peter and Anna Wark, Harry (Mac) and Anna Warrington, Kent and Catherine Warrington, Percy and Edna Weedon, Daniel and Thuraya Wetteland, Dwain and Beverley Wetteland, Fredrick and Lorna Wickdahl, Gustav and Ida Wilke, Roberta

Wolfe, John

Woloshen, Basil and Sadie Woloshen, Les and Donna Woloshen, Valerie

W oywada, Gerald and Susan Wrnth, Allan and Karen Wrnth, Mark and Lynne Wrnth, Oliver and Irene Wrnth, Thomas and Diane Yanchycki, Wally and Frances Zatylny, Larry and Marie Zatylny, Michael

Zwarich, John and Helen

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