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Brian and Darlene both received their High School education in Erickson. They married in 1966, established their home in Brandon and continue to reside there. They brought five wonderful children into the world: Jeri, Tracy, Jody, Jason, and Tara. Jeri, Jody, and Jason all graduated with Degrees in Commerce from the University of Manitoba. Tracy graduated from Assiniboine Community College with a diploma in Business Administration, and Tara is currently completing her Science Degree at Brandon University.

After thirty-two years, Brian retired from Simplot Canada in 1999, but continues to work part time as an Industrial Safety Consultant. After ten years, Darlene continues the career she so enjoys in working with chil­ dren as a teachers'aid with the Brandon School Division.

Jeri married Scott Hudson from Winnipeg, who is currently a marketing representative for Nabisco Foods in Vancouver. Jeri had worked as a marketing representative for Pare Publications in Vancouver for several years, but is currently devoting her attention to raising her two sons, Brady and Chase.

Tracy moved to Ponoka, AB with her partner Don Leronowich of Brandon, and eventually settled in Bashaw, AB. They have three sons: Mathew, Justin, and Johnathan. Both Tracy and Don are currently employed with Dairyland Foods in Bashaw.

Jody married Kevin Andreychuck of Brandon, and settled in Calgary where Jody works as a Labour Relations Representative for Canada Safeway, and where Kevin is a Journeyman Carpenter in the constrnction industry.

Jason has remained in Winnipeg after graduation, where he is employed as an account executive with Transcontinental Productions.

Tara is currently completing her final semester for her Bachelor of Science Degree at Brandon University.


Bernice A. Martin (Anderson) - This family has had many changes since the last history in 1984. Maureen Chalmers, eldest daughter of Ernie and Bernice Martin, died of cancer in 1983. Bernice passed away April 23, 1990. Daughter-in-law, Marilyn, wife of Blaine, died of cancer October 7, 1992 at age 48. Ernest, husband of Bernice, died of cancer May 7, 1993 at age 78.

Bernice's grandson, Blaine, married Betty Fraser in January 1995. They have a combined family of six chil­ dren and eight grandchildren: Blaine and Sherry Marleau, Kristin, Nicole and Rocelle reside in Saskatoon; Jim and Kelly Staples, Lindsay and Danielle reside in Regina; Grant and Kristine Domeij, Chandler and Sierra live in Calgary.

Scott Martin lives in Saskatoon. Brent and Carrie Martin and Reece reside in Saskatoon. Reece is the youngest, at 13 months. Kara Martin and Mike Rooney reside in Saskatoon.

Blaine retired from the Saskatoon City Police after 36 years of service. Betty is retired from nursing. They travel when possible visiting family and friends in Canada and the USA. Blaine is very dedicated to the Shriners and spends his time working for crippled and burnt children. He will be potentate otW A W A Temple Saskatchewan in 2003.

Glenda, the youngest, lives in St. Albert, AB. Her son, Mark, resides in Edmonton. Daughter Jessica and Kiley Russell also live in St. Albert. They have one son, Gavin, born April 5, 1999.

Allan Anderson - Phyllis Rushton Anderson passed away in June 1989.

AVERILL, ALFRED AND KATE Submitted by Leonard Averill

The home that Alfred and Kate Averill were so proud of is no more. The Manitoba Credit Corporation sold the bam and several of the wooden bins, and they were moved to a farm 1 112miles north of Clanwilliam. The 80 acres on 27-16-18 is now owned by Keith Erven. The south half of33-16-18 was purchased by Joe and Terry Woychyshyn. The brick house was sold to Rick and Amy Proven, moved to the old McDermott Ranch site, and made into a nice home. All that is left is the hen house and a metal grain bin. However, all the land is being well farmed and is growing bumper crops.

Maggie Buchanan died on Febrnary 20, 1998, at the age of96. Her husband, Sanford, had died on January 11, 1983. Both are at rest in Neepawa Cemetery.

Mollie and Charley Wilmot both died in Victoria, BC; Charley on October 24, 1967, and Mollie on March 11, 1984. George, their chosen son, took very good care of them both. Mollie's last years were spent in a nursing home.

Steve received wonderful care by his wife, Edith, for many years. Eventually he, too, died in a nursing home on November 13, 1992. Edith still lives in their home in Victoria with her granddaughter, Karen Reid.

Lil Olsen died very suddenly in her suite at Townview Manor in Minnedosa on March 3, 1991. By her request her body was donated to science. Later her ashes were interred at All Saints Cemetery beside her parents and infant son. Her other son, Rick, was married to Shirley Anderson on May 11, 1996, and they live in Abbotsford, Be. Rick is employed with the Recreation Department there.

Bob's wife, Margaret, passed away onApri15, 1989.

Later Bob married Erna, and they still live in a suite in