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Women. The ELCW continues its financial support, caters for weddings, serves lunches after funerals, visits the ill and lonely, and spends many hours making quilts and layettes to send, through Lutheran World Relief, to the needy countries. The ELCW has an annual Bazaar with a tea, the sale of Christian books, cards, as well as the sale of baking and crafts.

They supported LAMP, sponsor a Cradle Roll, have a special Love-Offering Service yearly, participate in the World Day of Prayer, and attend workshops, con­ ventions, and retreats.

On June 8, 1967, the Ladies held a very successful Centennial Program and Tea with 125 guests enjoying a variety program followed by lunch in the auditorium. Here the lighting was old fashioned coal oil lamps. Old photographs, portraits and antiques were on display and the food table contained an abundance of old fashioned goodies. Coffee was served by ladies attired in dress of years gone by.

Quoting the Preamble of the ELCW clearly states the objectives of this active group:

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Ladies Aid Meeting, 1915. Back Row:

Hans and Henrikke Danielson, Mary Miller, Olga Johnson, Annie Wickstrom, Josephine Berg, Hansine and Emil Bergeson with son Ragnar, Pastor Billdt. Second Row from Left: Camila Christianson, Clara Hofdahl, Jane Bergwall, Vivian Wickstrom, Minnie and Ida Bergeson. Front Row from Left: Ed Bergeson, Ida Johnson, Thora Bergeson, Lily Johnson and Art Bergeson.

Mindful that

our Lord Jesus Christ

the divine Head of the Church

made use of the service and devotion of women during the days of His earthly ministry,

and desiring in our day likewise to follow

and serve Him,

we, now with united effort, dedicate ourselves

to the furtherance of His Kingdom by a stewardship of life and service to the glory of the Triune God!


Bethlehem Lutheran Church Ladies Group. Left to Right: Ebba Carlson, Edna Waterbury, Olga Johnson, Beth Freko, Gudrun Gustafson, Mae Skogstad, Alma Gustafson, Ina Burkett, Amanda Holmlund, Anna Mclnnes, Hilma Johnson, and Gel/on Sjvold.


As well as having a Ladies Aid and Sunday School, the Lutheran Church has had several girls groups organized since its early days. The first such group was the Rosebuds. One project they had was to embroider donations of stamped goods received from Eaton's, and then sell them at their sale. They also helped pay for the moving expenses of the Erickson Lutheran Church in 1938. Groups which followed them were the Helpful Workers Society, which was active prior to 1940, and the Junior and Teenager Mission Band, which joined to form the Starlights in January of 1960. The Starlights met as a group until 1966. The main emphasis of these organizations was to support mission work abroad and do charitable deeds at home. The March of Dimes was supported and Mother's Day Teas were held as well as helping out with various church programs and financial donations.

The Luther League was also one of the oldest organized groups of the church. When it first began it was made up of young married couples and singles of that age group. In later years the age level was lowered to include young teenagers. This was a faith inspired group who did much valuable work to aid the church and community. For instance, in 1938 they paid for the moving of the church to its present site, with help from the Rosebuds. In 1943 they built an Altar and changed the Altar Ring, and in 1947 they supplied a new church sign and put up two road signs for Erickson Lutheran. Colorado Springs was the site of the International Luther League Convention in 1951, and Bruce Holmlund at­ tended. A new rug was purchased for the Chancel in 1953, and in 1956, the church signs and Sacristy Room were painted. Barney Berkowski painted the church sign. That same year, the Luther League's 8th Biennial Canada Conference was held in Erickson from July 4-8. Also in 1956, Home Altars - a daily devotional book - were ordered for the congregation and in October of that year the Luther League put on a play which was also presented in St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Winnipeg. In 1958, a sum of money was given to the "Organ Fund" toward the purchase of an electric organ.

The last Sunday evening of each month was Luther League Program night for many years. The program was followed by a fellowship hour. They also printed the