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were made to conquer the difficult and unpredictable English language - where no rules seem to work - many have still kept their mother language as well. During recess it was quite common to hear Ukrainian, Swedish and perhaps some English. In spite of language dif­ ferences these Lund students got along well and certainly supported one another.

The new Lund School served the community for another thirty some years and while the enrolment dropped considerably for a number of years it again took an upward swing and it became apparent that there would have to be some change made. It was possible to teach a class of forty or more in the 1920's but with greater demands on the teacher for preparing students for high school and university, it was not possible for one teacher to try to teach thirty to forty in eight or nine grades. Once again the board being concerned about the education of their children looked for a solution. There was a choice of building on to make a two-room school or Consolidating with Erickson. Realizing that the students would eventually have to go to Erickson for their high school and the majority of students now at­ tended high school, it seemed logical to consolidate.

1953 Lund School Baseball Team. Joe Rybachuk, Phillip Synchyshyn, Lawrence Makwaychuk, Bernice Makwaychuk, Marie Zwarich, David Safroniuk, Nestor Chemerika, Leslie Synchyshyn.

In 1963-64 plans were made by which to Consolidate with Erickson and in 1964 students were bussed to Erickson. On January 1, 1965 by By-Law 1105, the School District of Lund was dissolved and all its lands transferred to the School District of Erickson which was in Ward 3 of the Rolling River School Division No. 39. The last teacher was Mrs. M. Duncan and the last students were Ruth, Nancy and Sharon Hampson, Brian, Terry and Carl Woywada, Donna, Judy, Wayne and Linda Benson, Nestor, Neil, Walter and Michael Soroka, Janice and Linda Chemerika, Elliot and Craig Skoglund,


Lund School No. 1190 children.

Larry Safroniuk, Wayne, Rosie and Eric Slobodian, Florence Leoschek, Nickey, Rozanne and Ronnie Synchyshyn, Ardelle Larson, Gregory and Fred Yakiwchuk, Allan Bold, Wally Kostiw, and Gerald Makwaychuk.

On looking at the last list of students to attend Lund school, it is really sad to realize that four have gone! Life can certainly be short.

Most of the teachers who taught at Lund left their imprint and then moved on. Violet Churchill married

Rnut Skoglund, lived in the district for a time and then left, Elva Harris married Einar Sundmark and still lives in the district and Phyllis Skoglund returned and taught two years in the school she had attended, Anna and Jessie Campbell had relatives in the district and a number of Erickson students have taught at Lund.

The school building was sold to Steve Synchyshyn for a dwelling house. Now the only visible remains of the Lund School District is a small cairn placed in the school yard. Although no visible building remains and while many have left the area, the District of Lund will not be forgotten by those who attended Lund School and grew up in the area.

Since some records have been lost, the following list of teachers and the years in which they taught at Lund School will be incomplete.

1902 Miss K.M. McDougall, 1905 Carl Lundgren, 1907-08 J.M. Carmichael, 1909 Bertina Nelson, 1914 Violet Churchill, 1915 Olive Irwin, 1916 Salome Oliver, 1917 Ruby Crealock, 1918 Gertie Stromgren, 1919 Daisy Churchill, 1920-21 Ruby Crealock, 1922-23 Alice Jackson, 1923-24 Charlotte Moss, 1925-26 Rose Racklin, 1927 Charlotte Moss, ---- Anna Campbell, 1929-30 Rose Racklin, 1931-33 Elveretta Harris, 1934-37 Jessie Campbell, 1937-38 Edith Miller, 1938-40 Bessie Kat­ chanouski, 1940-42 Emily Surby, 1942-43 Kathleen Sparks, 1943-45 Ethel de Jersey, 1945-46 Marian Kreg, 1946-47 Eva Kock, 1947-48 Irene Baraniuk, 1948-49 Jean Sharpley, 1949-51 Phyllis Skoglund, 1951-52 Maureen White, 1952-53 Mamie Wetteland, 1953-54 Orest Lazaruk, 1954-56 Anne Prosak, 1956-57 Walter Yan-