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Erickson Collegiate No. 2405.



Though the high school grades have been treated as part of the Erickson School thus far, the Erickson Collegiate may be said to have come into existence in 1959 when the Rolling River Division was formed and the Erickson High School was operated as a part of that division. High School was held in the Elementary School. Grade XII was taught in a room partitioned off in the upstairs hallway, and grade IX was accommodated in a room fixed up in the basement (the dungeon). Kin­ dergarten classes were also housed in the basement with a removeable wall to separate the two. High School teachers for that year were: Ben Ward, J .0. Wilson,


Marjory McKenzie, and Wilda Carlson.

On May 25, 1963, the voters of the division decided that a new collegiate was required at Erickson. The building was begun in August and was to consist of eight regular classrooms, a library (later a classroom), a lab, and a large gymnatorium, besides the regular facilities of a staff room with a kitchenette, washrooms and so on.

On February 14, 1964, the students carrying their books walked to the new collegiate. The teachers, with their loads of books and supplies were permitted to travel the short distance in cars. The students also carried with them the ashes of a replica of the old yellow school. A hand-lettered scroll was put on the new bulletin board stating their hope that "the strong 'spirit of E.C.I.' may continue to be as fruitful in the future as it was in the past. "

November 30, 1964, marked the official opening.

Walter Weir, M.L.A., cut the ribbon and was guest speaker. Sid Waldron represented the board of the Erickson Consolidated School; . J. Gilchrist brought greetings from the Rolling River School Board, and Earl Reimer appeared for the Student Council. A choir of students under the direction of Leslie Foster entertained during the evening.


In the fall of 1964, the grade IX to XII students from Onanole, who had been attending Minnedosa Collegiate, began to attend E.C.I. Because of overcrowding in the elementary school, three classes, grades VI, VII, and VIII, were given space in the new Collegiate. Leona Mackedenski, Bill Makowski and Lome Mackedenski taught those grades. The following year Lome Mackedenski and his class were moved into the old