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church but grades six and seven remained in the collegiate for one more year.

In the fall of 1965 three university entrance students from Sandy Lake, Linda Koltusky, Gregory Prokop­ chuk, and Sharon Zatylny came to Erickson. The following year, Sandy Lake students from grades X, XI and XII became part of E.C.!.

One highlight of 1968 was a highly successful "walkathon" sponsored by E.C.!' in aid of Donna Wruth. While Donna was a student at the collegiate, she received an award as female athlete of the year. During the summer of '68 she was injured in a car accident and was - and still is - confined to a wheel-chair.

On a fine Saturday in October of 1969, over hundred walkers left from Minnedosa Collegiate to walk the twenty-odd miles to Erickson. The members of the Erickson Legion provided drinks and lunches while many volunteers patrolled the road to offer help to the walkers if they wished it. Many blistered feet completed the whole trip.

The first to cross the finish line was the school prin­ cipal, Robt. Bishop, who finished the course in three hours and forty minutes, doing the olympic walk. Other early finishers were: Maxwell Kingdon, Greg Holden, Brenda Kingdon and Chris Wetteland. Garth Skrupa (age six) walked fourteen miles. About $2000 was raised to help Donna.

An exciting event of Manitoba's Centennial year was the visit of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne to the collegiate. Under Mr. Bob Bishop's supervision, some students of Rolling River Reserve had written a history of the reserve, and Mr. Bishop arranged for a copy of this history to be presented to the Queen when she went through Erickson during her tour of Manitoba. The presentation took place on the collegiate steps on a beautiful summer day. The people massed on the driveway with the town in the background, made a lovely picture. The royal family enjoyed a walk­ about to meet the Erickson's townsfolk. The editorial staff for this publication included: Madelyn McKay, Esther McKay, Clarence Wilson, Theresa McKay, Judy Whytebyrd, Hilda McKay, Beatrice Shorting, Dennis McKay and Curtis Wilson. The presentation to her majesty was made by Hilda McKay.


As the school population increased, it became necessary to find more space. Three huts, one large and two regular classroom size, were brought to the east side of the school in 1971. Unheated hallways connected these to the collegiate. These served until a new building program was begun in 1973. The two smaller huts were moved to the north end of the collegiate and were used for O.E.C. classes until the new part was ready for oc­ cupancy.

This new portion consisted of a multi-purpose room ­ also a stage for the auditorium, two open area double classrooms - one of which is now divided, one regular classroom, two science labs, and a large central area that was for a time a library and is now a study hall. In

January 1974, the new portion came into use and the huts were removed the following summer.

Some interesting information in regard to high school enrollment is reflected in the fact that in 1970-71 there were 275 students in grades IX-XII. By 1973-74, when grades VII and VIII became an integral part of the collegiate there were two hundred and seventy five students in grades VII to XII. The enrolment for this year ('83-'84) is only one hundred and seventy seven studentS with 11 plus teachers.

For three years, from the fall of 1970 to the spring of 1973, the trimester system was in use at the collegiate. This involved the completion of courses in a little more than a three month period. John Pringle was principal during this period and Ken Sigurdson was the assistant principal. The semester system, with courses completed in a five-month period, was introduced in the fall of 1973 when Arthur Butler, with Aime Gobin, as assistant, became principal.

Due to the organization and guidance of Leonard Slobodian, many students of grades X and XI have had an opportunity to visit many provinces and states since 1976. Len explains that the purpose of these tours is to expose the students to the massive size of Canada and to increase their appreciation of our country by direct exposure to our various physical regions. By experiencing the diverse lifestyle of the regions, the students may begin to understand our fellow Canadians and to develop a knowledge of the problems facing our nation.

Len has escorted four tours covering Canada from the east to the west coast. In 1976, he took fifteen students to the west coast - all the way to Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island. In 1978, he and twenty four students had a three-week trip to Eastern Canada which included six Canadian provinces and nine American states. The 1980 tour, with twenty three students included the cities of Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Stratford as well as Minneapolis and St. Paul. The 1982 tour was also of Central Canada and parts of United States. Highlights included: a tour of the Parliament Buildings and a dinner with our local M.P., a visit to the Governor-General's residence, a day in Montreal, a day in Quebec City in­ cluding the Plains of Abraham, the C.N. Tower and other places in Toronto, Niagara Falls with a trip on the "Maid of the Mist", a play at the Shaw festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake and also at the Stratford festival in Stratford. A similar tour is planned in 1984.

While the tours were started as a project for Len's history and geography classes, they have taken on an interdisciplinary approach with the plays at Stratford and at Niagara-on-the-Lake being enrichment for the students of English, and the use of French in Quebec providing practice for students of French.

The funds for this project have all been raised locally and the group camps to reduce costs. This type of tour is unique in the division and probably in Manitoba. On the different tours Aime Gobin, Jan Slobodian, and Elsie Butler have accompanied the groups. On the '84 tour, Jeff Kerr will go along with Len and the class.