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Erickson can be justifiably proud of its collegiate. It has a splendid record in many fields.

The sports program developed under Terry Sprott has been particularly effective. The emphasis is not only on improving the physical well-being of the pupils but also teaches basic skills which will provide healthful activities and enjoyment in the years to come. Swimming, skiing, tennis, canoeing, and curling have all been a part of the physical education program. In this program, Terry has had the co-operation of the rest of the staff. The Men's soccer teams, coached by Jim Ziegler, which were division champions for twelve consecutive years, is an example of the sportsmanship developed in the school.

By way of keeping up with modern technology, the fall of 1982 saw the introduction of a computer science program under the guidance of Venton Beatty and Jim Ziegler; word processing is taught by Lorna Rose.

A significant innovation of 1982 was the introduction of a band program. Bev Learmonth (Walker) comes to the school for two days of every six-day cycle. Students have a choice of many instruments: flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone and tuba. It is expected that a percussion section will be added this year. Instruction is by class with practice for the full band being held at noon hour. The band gave its first per­ formance at the Junior High drama program last fall. The community looks forward to many other occasions when the band will be heard. Listen for them during centennial celebrations.

Drama has always been a part of school activities. Over the years many fine plays have been produced. Each fall the junior high classes put on an evening of drama, while the senior classes demonstrate their dramatic abilities in the spring.

In 1983 horticulture became a part of the Occupational Entrance Class's program. Under the supervision of Jeff Kerr, flower beds were prepared, cottonwoods and Almey ornamental crabs were planted. In the spring hundreds of plants were grown from seed and tran­ splanted into the flower beds. Besides being a practical learning experience for the students, the school's grounds were beautified by this project.

Scholastic activities, of course, are the primary con­ cern. In a survey a few years ago, Erickson Collegiate ranked among the top schools of its size in the matter of the percentage of students going on to university and entering the professions.

Looking back over about eighty years of development of our school system makes one wonder what changes the future will bring. It is difficult to imagine that a school in a rough log building has become an elementary school and a collegiate that is a part of our community.

The object of teaching is to enable those taught to get along without a teacher.



Some of the earlier persons may have been missed or spelled incorrectly due to incomplete records.

Dorothy Hanson Mabel Hanson M. McBain Edna Schrear

N. Smith Phoebe Black

N. Cameron Lydia Wickdahl Belle Henson

N. Wood

W.R. Simmons G. Anderson B.F. Privat Cecelia Johnson A.A. Anderson Nina Anderson Wm. Logan

W. Johnson Jean Frame Olive Robinson Elizabeth Craig W.K. Erickson T. Anderson Esther Lofquist Jessie Smith

Viola Delgatty (Miller) Janet McMorran Annie Carlson

I. Thompson

J .M. Carmichael Theodore Sigurdson R.L. McBratney

Mary Merrell (Gusdal) Florence Pedersen

Mr. Lind

Ruth Cassidy

Agnes Thompson (Gusdal) Hazel Robinson

H.P. Moffat

Ethel Jury

Robert McGill

James Bateman

Keith Smith

Douglas Pomery

Henry Grenon

Elsie Hall

Freda Martin

Monica Anderson Elizabeth Copley

Edith Miller

Leslie Spear

Wilda Anderson (Carlson) Hector Stewart

Ada Wareham

Evangeline McBain Norma Sanky

Dorothy Harvey

Ann Gislason

Eva Wenda I

Barbara Miller

Sophie Smaha

Helen Dickie

Thelma Lee

E. Erickson

Helen McMillan

C. Fraser

Mrs. Frost

Barbara Weiman

Miss Gruens

Ada Mills

Thomas Kalichak Andrew Alexiuk Edith Pettit (Alexiuk) Irene Cruikshank Anne Prosak

Beryl Hanna

Agnes Crickard

Miss Paynter

Miss Nelson

Mr. Fraser

Mavis Johnston

Joan Yarish

Nickolas Yarish

Joe Korzenowouski Irene Hrushawy Yvonne Copps

J.O. Wilson

Sheila Cross

Orville Weselowski Alice Pettit (McInnes) Elizabeth Kingdon Wm. Makowski Shirley Mclntyre Ruth Leightner Marjorie McKenzie Aime Gobin

Sharon Templeton (Shearer) Edith Kingdon

Mildred Jacob

Margaret Spurway

Lorne Mackedenski

Myrna Watkins

Ben Ward

Art Duncan

Leslie Foster

Albert Parsons

Robert Bishop

Ken Sigurdson

Dave Clement

James Ziegler

Robert Turner


Theresa Makowychuk (Swift) Carole Warren (Bergeson) Dave Sage

F. Bothe

Terry Sprott

Lillian Munro

Olga Kowalchuk

Harold Krentz

John Boychuk

John Pringle

Lon Brandon

Elsie Butler

Art Butler

Bruno Mekelburg

Judy Buckwold

Dorothy Warwaruk Myrna Thiele (Kopeechuk) Bunny Gibson

Margaret Kaye (Pohl)

Don McLaren

Conrad Ziehlke

Eric Pohl

Vince Skulmoski Line Leclerc

Herb Roehl

Gail Whaley Esther Funk Leonard Slobodian