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Crocus Hill School No. 1448.


Organized in 1908, the property of S.W. 28-16-18W was bought from the late Henry Woodcock. The first school consisted of one room. Mr. W. Kingdon was the secretary-treasurer from 1908 until his demise in 1950. The first teacher was Miss Bella Proven and the first classes were held in April 1909 with twenty one pupils, fourteen girls and seven boys.

In 1918, they extended the school to two rooms because of an enlarged enrollment. Ethel Knox and Gwen Elliot were the first teachers in the two-room school.

During the Christmas holidays of 1935, the school burnt down. Classes were held in temporary quarters until the school was rebuilt in the summer of 1936. Miss Kathleen Wilmot was the first teacher in this new school.

In 1961, the board decided to operate as a closed school unit, transporting pupils to Erickson. In 1964, they consolidated with Erickson. The last school board was C. Kingdon - Secretary-Treasurer, W.P. Wilmot - Chair­ man, Pax Crawley and Joe Woychyshyn.

A college education seldom hurts a man if he's willing to learn a little something after he graduates.

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