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Westmount School - 1945. Back Row, Left to Right: Bruce Holmlund, Earl Peterson, Floyd Shellborn, Russell Sanderson, Isabelle Challborn, Doris Shellborn, Rudolph Usick, Second Row: Beryl Thoren, Paul Warwaruk, Les Mcinnes, Eileen Ullberg, Roman Warwaruk, Sylvia Byskal, Emily Ullberg, Esther Sjovold, Leona Usick, Front Row: Louis Warwaruk, Viola Shellborn, Myrtle Thoren, Lilly Byskal, Frances Babijowski, Gwen McInnes and Lawrence Warwaruk,

card parties and dances, box, pie and tie socials and then the annual school picnic with homemade ice cream.

Due to the low enrollment, a meeting was held January 7, 1963 at Emil Shellborn's and it was decided to con­ solidate with the Erickson School District, the tuition fee being $325.00 for thirteen students. Van drivers were Lachlan McInnes Jr. and Mike Rebenchuk. The board members were John Marcino Chairman, Eskil Ullberg,

Westmount Rhythm Band.

Emil Shellborn and Joan McInnes who served for twenty continuous years as Secretary-Treasurer.

The school was sold to Raymond "Bud" Brown and renovated into a home, which has been moved away and is now owned by Bill Motuz and is located one mile south and three quarter miles west of the Mountain Road church. Only the cairn remains to mark the site of Westmount School.

First pupils were; Mary, Lachie and Sadie McInnes, Wally and Harry Paulsen, Bill, Lylia, Gladys, Charles and Jennie McMillan, Charles and Seggie Harper, Gladys, Annie and Nigel Reid. When the school closed the pupils were; Doreen Bergeson, Terry Marcino, Darcie and Wade Shellborn, Irene and Sheila Campbell, Tom and Ricahrd Babijowski, Ronald and Kenneth Campbell and Aaron Ullberg.

Teachers were: April 1913, Eleanor Litmus, Spetember 1913, Eleanor Short, May 1914, W.J. Wood, October 1914 Bayliss to December 23, February 1915 H. Hill to December 1915, February 1916 Cecilia Johnson, October 1917 Inez Sumers, September 1918 Christine Thor­ stensen, January 1919 H.C. Hodges, July 1919 Gwen Ewens, Spetember 1920 Cecilia Johnson, September 1921 Pearl Sharpin, September 1922 Jean Dandy, September 1923 Vina Harlow, August 1926 Connie Averill, Sep­ tember 1929 Ann Doner, September 1930 Bessie Brad­ shaw, October 1933 C. Pentland, September 1934 F.A.

Westmount School. Back Row, Left to Right: Lawrence and Julian Warwaruk, Dennis Holmlund, Linda Warwaruk, Karen Marcino, Marlene Holmlund, Norman Lofgren, Myron Melnyk, Clare McInnes. Front Row: Patsy Marcino, Jennie Melnyk, Bennie Bijak, Teddy Doan, Raymond and Kenneth Lofgren, and Christine Bijak.

Wilson, September 1937 Miss Wilman, September 1938 Miss Wilmot, September 1939 Miss Dewar, September 1941 Mary Chwalibago, September 1942 Mary Thoren, September 1943 Miss Meyers, September 1944 Eleanor Lee, November 1944 Margaret Brodie, September 1946 Connie Hay, September 1947 Jack Epp, September 1949 Shirley Briggs, September 1950 Ann Sydor, September 1952 Elinor Morgan, February 1953 Zetta Kuyzk, September 1953 Mamie Wetteland, September 1958 Janet Johnston until the Westmount school closed in June 1962.