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Carlson, J. Lundstrom, Ole Lee, H. Hanson. Constables-P. Larson, C.J. Johnson, John Lundstrom.


NO.244 That the sum of $500.00 be granted to the Minnedosa Board of Trade towards the erection of a hospital in the town of Min­ nedosa.

That the said sum of $500.00 be paid over after the rate payers have voted on and approved of the same.

Bylaw rejected by Electors (17 for, and 59 against).

NO.245 That the Municipality shall operate its own Telephone System. Vote to be taken at the next Municipal Election.


NO.307 The appointment of Dr. A.W. Montague as Health Officer.


NO.345 A bylaw for the purpose of advancing Seed grain to farmers in the Municipality.


NO.386 A bylaw providing that land of soldiers shall be exempt from taxation during the term of service.

William George Wake (N.E.1/4 7-17-17)­ $114.26, Harry Proven (S.E.1/4 32-18-18) $129.28, John Wilkinson (W1/2 33-18-18)­ $150.00.

NO.388 To regulate the speed of traffic in the townsite of Erickson. That no automobile, cycle or other power driven vehicle shall travel at the rate of more than ten miles per hour within the townsite of Erickson. Fine to be not less than $5.00 and not more than $20.00.


Dr. E.J. Rutledge as Health Officer and Physician. Salary $3,300.00.


NO.444 To purchase a fire apparatus. A special rate of five mills to cover same.


NO.456 That during the month of June, July, August, there shall be a half holiday observed in the Village of Erickson on every Thursday af­ ternoon.


Herman Armstrong to be Constable for the Village of Erickson.


Dr. Rutledge, Health officer, Municipal Phy­ sician appointed.

NO.521 The appointment of Wm E. Franks as weed inspector. Salary $150.00.

NO.522 To regulate construction of building within the Municipality. That all schools, churches and public halls shall be required to have their doors opening out and that all public halls shall have at least two exits.



Council members for 1929 were: A.A. North, Mel Nyquist, Charles Hill, J .H. Hales.


NO.597 Purchase of hall from Rolf Forsman for Municipality at a cost of $800.00 to be used as Municipal Hall and offices.


Dr. Rutledge, Health officer, Municipal Doctor-Salary $3300.00.


Salary for Dr. Rutledge-$2800.00. Reeve and councillors $4.00 a day, mileage 5 cents a mile one way.


Reeve and Council-$3.00 per day, 5 cents per mile.


Reeve and Council-$3.00 per day, 10 cents per mile.


Salary for Dr. Rutledge-$2640.00. William Dawson McKay and Kenneth Edgar Hall to erect a modern building to be used as a Creamery.

NO.695 A Nuisance ground for the townsite of Erickson, purchased from Anna Elizabeth Gusdal. (S.W. 32-17-18W).


NO.711 The bounty on gophers shall be one cent a tail and on groundhogs 3 cents.


That R.J. McKenzie be appointed as solicitor. That Chris Skovmose be appointed as fire chief-salary $50.00.


That we obtain Electric lights from C. Skov­ mose at $5.00 per month for the months of Jan., Feb., and March and $3.50 per month for Apr., May, June, July, August, September and October and $5.00 per month for November and December.

That the council of R.M. of Clanwilliam are prepared to enter into a contract with the Hydro Commission for Hydro Street Lights for Erickson provided that the village of Erickson is prepared to pay a special levy of one half the cost of same.


That we approve of a grant of $100.00 for an ambulance.


That the Reeve E. Johnson and Fred Wetteland be the representatives of the Municipality to the central committee of the leafy spurge control unit no. 13.

That we purchase one dozen NO. 4 round mouth shovels for gravel use.

That we sell Freedom Hall Scandanavia to C.R. Swanton for the cash sum of $40.00.

The construction of a control dam on the Rolling River designed to hold the water level at