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Otter Lake at an elevation of 94.0. Con­ struction by Ducks Unlimited of Canada.

That we purchase a Registry of Marriage book for each church in the Municipality.


That we approve of the payment to Mrs. A. North of 15 cents instead of 10 cents a yard for gravel taken from her gravel pit during November 1942. The following will be the scale of wages paid for 1943: Man only-35 cents per hour, Team only-25 cents per hour, Grader­ man-40 cents per hour, Road Comm-40 cents per hour, Tractor-$2.00 per hour, Bridge foreman-50 cents per hour, Man and four horses dragging-35¢ mile. Day to be 8 hours. Lights for Municipal Hall still from C. Skovmose also fire chief.

That we appoint Ernest H. Carlson, Municipal Assessor for 1943 at a salary of $40.00.

That we allow the Reeve 1O¢ per mile travelling allowance while on duty with the local rationing board.

That we purchase 3 cases of gopher poison from Mr. W.H. Shaw.

That we issue a permit to Joe Robinson for mill site on N.E. 34-18-17W for the season of 1943- 44. Fee being $10.00.


May 1944-A meeting with Manitoba Hydro Commission re Farm Electrification.


A bylaw for Street lighting from Man Hydro­ passed. Contract for 5 years.

That we appoint Peter Olenuik, Fire chief at a salary of $50.00

Municipal Cemetery Committee: Reeve E.L. Johnson, C. Hill, Carl J. Johnson, Marinus Neilson, Mrs. Anna Gusdal, Mrs. Viola Miller, Gust Bengtson.

That we publish a Municipal ad in V Day Edition of the Minnedosa Tribune at a cost of $18.00.

That we engage H.R. Paulson as Janitor for the winter months commencing November 1, 1945 at $6.00 per month.


That we engage O.E. Gusdal as assessor for 1946 at a salary of $600.00 with Seibert Wet­ teland as his assistant.

That we approve of the application of Mr. A.E. Gustafson, Onanole for a building permit for the erection of a garage for his Transfer, filling station and living quarters.

That we accept with regret the resignation of Dr. E.J. Rutledge as Municipal Physician, His resignation to terminate October 1, 1946.

The appointment of Dr. H.A. Lander. Salary $5500.00. 60010 being Municipal share.


Approve of building a restroom on Municipal lot. Appoint George Bergman to be in charge of project.

That we appoint a commission to consider formation of a hospital district-E.L. Johnson, Fred Welleland, Linus Miller, Gust Lundman. Appointment of Allan B. McCarten as Municipal Doctor.


Planning Restroom committee-two from Council. Committee as follows: Mrs. R. Waterbury, Mrs. L.B. Gusdal, Mrs. K. Eden, Mrs. T. Chambers, George Bergman, Alfred Skoglund, Fred Wetteland.

Bylaw 9OO-Approving the Medical Unit district scheme.

That we accept application of Edgar M. Gee as Doctor.


That the following scale of wages was set: Man only-60 cents per hour, Team-25 cents per hour, Grademan-75 cents per hour, Road Comm-70 cents per hour, Tractor-$1. 50 to $1.75, $2.00 to. 2.25 per hour, Man and 4 horses maintaining-0.50 cents per miles, Bridge foreman-75 cents per hour.

That we approve of paying accounts of Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Gilhuly for the month of November.


That we engage Dr. Gilhuly as Health Officer and Municipal Physician, also that we engage Dr. H.C. Stevenson for emergency calls.

That Reeve and Councillors shall each receive the sum of $6.00 per day, for each sitting of the council and 10 cents per mile each way.


Appointment of F.J. Burgess as Health Officer and Physician.


M.E. Burke as Health Officer and Municipal Physician.

That we request the Provincial Government to complete the Mountain Road Highway in the year 1952. George A. Doan-Weed Inspector. Bylaw to incorporate village-enclosed.

That we build our Municipal Office on Lot 14, Block 1, Plan 385 between Municipal Hall and Barber Shop.

That we appoint Dr. D.M. Sirett as Health Officer for the R.M. of Clanwilliam from June 1952.


That we charge Village of Erickson $35.00 rent per month for use of Municipal Office and Chambers.

That the Secretary be instructed to purchase a picture of the Queen for the Municipal Office. That we pledge our support to the celebration to be held on Coronation Day.

That we put our tenders for Fire Hall and Fire engine located at West end of Main Street.


It was mutually agreed upon by Council that they would transfer the Municipal Hall to the