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Women's Institute for the sum of $100.00.

That we give a grant of $100.00 to the Erickson Women's Institute for Rest Room.

That we give to Chas. O. Hill retiring councillor for Ward 2, a hearty vote of thanks for his 30 years of faithful service and wish him the best of everything upon his retirement.


That we approve of appointing Mr. T. Lee in charge of moving old Fire Hall to back of Municipal Hall and that we assume one half cost of moving same.


That the R.M. of Clanwilliam do purchase one D6 tractor with Bulldozer complete with all required working equipment, for the sum of $6500.00. That we approve the purchase of a used caterpillar motor grader for $6500.00- Trade in NO.1 0 motor grader.

That we engage Albin M. Paulsen as operator for the Patrol at $1.00 per hour.


That we approve of engaging Metro Maxymchuk as operator of the Patrol as part­ time operator at $1.00 per hour.

That we approve of Sacred Heart Parish having a cemetery site on the S.E. corner of the S.E. quarter of Section 29, Township 17, Range 18.

That we approve of the Canadian National Railways removing the Freight and Passenger Shelter from Crocus siding as it is no longer in use.


That we engage Stanley Byskal as cat operator for the year 1959 at $1.45 per hour.


That we approve of paying Carl Robinson $1.35 per hour as cat operator. That we engage Catherine Furevick as assistant Municipal Clerk.


Wages for the year 1961: Man only-$1.00 per hour, Tractors-$1.50, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.50 per hour, according to size.

That we instruct the Reeve to investigate the holding of oats in our elevator for emergency purposes with the authority to pay storage on 5,000 bushels of same for 2 months. (1961 was a very dry year.)

That we approve of applying for assistance under Prairie Farm Assistance on the following: Township 17-Range 17, 17-18, 18- 17, 18-18.


That we approve of building an addition to the Municipal Office.


Appoint Basil Woloshen as representative on the Railroad Abandonment Committee.


That we approve of joining the Village of Erickson in purchasing a Centennial Park in the

Village of Erickson and in the improvement of same.


Erection of Municipal Shed-That we approve of taxing cottages on Kerr's Lake Development on a four month basis for the year 1966.


That we approve of a donation of $25.00 to the Erickson Chamber of Commerce for a brochure of Erickson and District Bylaw to purchase land from Marinus Neilson for Municipal purposes. (part of N.W. 33-17- 18W).


That we appoint C. Lundman and Peter Soroka to investiage the possibility of purchasing a used Fire truck that will be owned by both the R.M. of Clanwilliam and the Village of Erickson.

That we approve of the following commitee to be appointed and in charge of the Centennial grounds: C. Lundman-representing R.M. of Clanwilliam, Joe Lenkewich-representing Village of Erickson, Mervin Huntinghawk-re­ presenting the Rolling River Band.

That we approve of making partial payment of $2,346.83 to Village of Erickson on Fire truck. $640.00 extras added to Fire truck.


That we approve of a grant of $1,500.00 towards the building of a Senior Citizens Home in the Village of Erickson.

That we instruct our secretary to pay the Minnedosa District Hospital Ambulance Committee $1.00 per capita as per agreement, amounting to $771.00. That we approve and give our moral support to the new Keystone Centre being planned for the City of Brandon.


That we approve of supporting the event of the visit of the Queen and party on July 12 financially to the extend of $100.00 for decorating purposes.

That we approve of participating in the establishment of a Veterinary Service District. To establish a Joint Public Recreation Com­ mission for the R.M. of Clan william and the Village of Erickson.


Approving of a request for the establishment of the proposed Whitemud Watershed Con­ servation District.

That we approve of turning over gravelling of roads to George W oloshen for the year.

In 1971, the Council year end changed from Jan. 1 to the first of November. Entered into agreement with Westman Regional Development Inc.


Lawrence Siwak and Dennis Coey approached Council in regard to establishing a community airport.