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Westmount Women's Community Club Parade Day at Erickson. Left to Right: Marlene Holmlund, Pat Jacobson, Karen Marcino, Dorothy Ullberg, Elvera Shellborn, and Dora Marcino.

when information had to be passed on to the members, ten long rings on the party line brought them on the run to the telephone to get the "latest" .

In the late '40's and early '50's with the building of the Hospital, Rest Room, and the Erickson and Community Memorial Arena, in Erickson, the Group had representatives on each of the executives and worked hard to raise money for these projects.

Over the next few years, in addition to furnishing a ward with Hilltop, the ladies contributed many, many jars of fruit to the hospital, mirrors, bedlamps, a Viewmaster and reels, hemmed towels and sewed pyjamas. They canvassed the district for contributions to the hospital and gave cash donations on a regular basis.

Bazaars, raffles, and dances were held to raise money for the restroom and they also gave additional con­ tributions when the waterworks was installed, renovations done and when painting was required.

Regular contributions were made to the Skating Arena

Westmount Women's Community Club Parade. Left to Right: Thora Lofgren, Thelma Doan, Beatrice Warrington, Eileen McInnes, Elvera Shellborn, Janet Johnston and Grace Michalchuk.

and the Group always took their turn at serving for the Annual Bonspiel and Carnival: They also gave excellent support to any of the local girls who ran for Carnival Queen.

Showers were planned by the Group for brides-to-be and newly married couples: the hospitalized were remembered with a little gift and card, lunches were served at auction sales in the district, supported the Red Cross, the March of Dimes, the Children's Aid, and always sponsored a couple of baking items at the W.1. Country Fair as well as entering group displays.

They did for themselves, too, and would send a couple of ladies to Erickson for Sewing and Tailoring courses and have them bring the lessons to the ladies in the Club. Visitors were invited to their meetings with demon­ strations on flower arrangements, cake decorating, shirt ironing, cushion making, hat making, and many more, some of which were given by the members themselves.

At Erickson's 60th Anniversary, the ladies entered a float namely, "The Westmount Hillbillies", and received a red ribbon for their efforts. They also had a lot of fun. They have taken some interesting and informative trips, to the Neepawa Salt Mine, the Arden Hutterite Colony, the "Maples" in Brandon, and the Assiniboine Com­ munity College. Several picnics were held at Ditch Lake with all the ladies from the district being invited and many times the Hilltop ladies as well.

In November, 1969, the Club disbanded due to a variety of reasons and they closed out their account making a generous donation to the Senior Citizen's Fund. The ladies often reminisce about the "good old days" of the W.W.G. and plan to have a reunion meeting sometime during the R.M. 's Centennial year.


An active Girl Guides Company was organized in Erickson in the year 1943 with Mrs. R.J. (Marion) McKenzie and Mrs. A. Sevig in charge of the group of twelve members. At the same time, a group of younger girls, "Brownies" was formed under the leadership of Mrs. L.W. (Viola) Miller and Mrs. C.A. (Marion) Larson. Eight girls joined this group.

The Erickson Girl Guides was sponsored by the local Women's Institute, and during the years that the group was active, the W.1. purchased uniforms for the girls to wear to meetings and official functions.

The "guides" held regular meetings at the W.1. rest room and later in the Legion Hall. They enjoyed sing songs, first aid lessons, exercise periods, and camping trips where they learned how to set up poles and put up their own tents, cooking out of doors, etc. Efficiency badges for all the various activities were awarded to the girls.