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Erickson Brownies. Back Row, Left to Right: Viola Miller, Geraldine Knight, Lois Miller, Unidentified, Jean Gusdal. Front Row: Evelyn Halvarson, Marjorie Burkett and Beryl Burkett.

Mrs. Etta Tinkler and Mrs. Audrey Carlson were leaders of the group during the latter 1940's. A news item in the Minnedosa Tribune was as follows: Fifteen Girl Guides and their leader Mrs. J. Tinkler attended a meeting held in Brandon on May 16, 1942 where they were privileged to meet their world chief, Lady Baden Powell. This was indeed an outstanding occasion for the Guides and Brownies of the Western Manitoba division. The service of exercises opened with a "color party". Lady Baden Powell, in speaking to the assembly, said "Some difficult tests have been included for the girls to pass, but it takes a strong intelligent person to get through the difficult things, and that was the aim of the movement, to help create such personalities." She went on to say, "With the reputation of the Girl Guide movement on our shoulders, we must all work to make ourselves and our company, proud of our achievements. "

The guide company in Erickson was discontinued in the early 1950's due to a lack of leadership personnel.

Erickson Girl Guides. Back Row, Left to Right: Dorothy Burkett, Ruth Gusdal, Faye Gusdal, Ada Nystrom, Irene Sjovold, Joyce Burkett. Front Row: Geraldine Knight, Jean Gusdal and Lois Miller.



In 1934 a C.G.I.T. group was organized under the leadership of Miss Dorothy Ross and Miss Florence Pedersen. Twenty-one girls joined at that time. Meetings were held in the evening in the Erickson Elementary school No. 1366. Later, Mrs. Gladys Cummings and Miss Lillian Cummings R.N. assumed leadership of the group, and meetings were held in Miss Cummings' "nursing home" where she taught the girls "elementary first aid".

The girls conducted very well organized business meetings, after which Mrs. Cummings instructed the girls in various crafts. They held sing-songs, took part in nature hikes, corn roasts and were informed of activities of other C.G.I.T. groups in Manitoba. The girls have happy memories of these gatherings and of their devoted leaders.

Erickson C.G.I. T. Girls. Mary and Pearl Landstrom, Gladys Wickstrom, Ina Neupert, Effie McKinnon, Margaret Gusdal, Lillian Johnson, Ellen Halvarson, Helen Jacobson, Esther Halvarson, Edith Holmberg, Eva Armstrong, Bernice Anderson, Sedora Wickstrom, Irene Magnell, Barbara Taylor, Edith Hill, Helen Johnson, Wanda Landstrom, Evelyn JOhnson and Lily Halvarson. Two girls unidentified. Photo taken on CN Station platform on their way to the Island dressed as Gypsies.


by Dorland Burkett

In 1943, was the beginning of the Cub and Scout movement in Erickson. Rev. A. Sevig and Peter Bruce as Cub Master and assistant, had a pack of sixteen boys. They met in the old Municipal building which is now the Perky Pioneer Centre. The charter must have been dropped in 1945 or 46. Records indicate that the Erickson Board of Trade took out a new charter in 1949. However, the records also stated that Rev. George A. Nelson was having Cubs in November and December of 1948 with a Charter pending. It appears that Rev. Nelson, Pastor of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Erickson, was starting and holding Cub meetings until he could find a sponsoring body. Pastor Nelson was Cub Master and Johnny Gustafson as Assistant and Treasurer. When Pastor Nelson left, Johnny Gustafson became Cub Master and Bill Tinkler was his assistant.