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That we request the Department of Highways to approach the Canadian National to have signal lights installed at the railway crossing on No. 10 highway.

That we approve of forming a Municipal Airport Commission jointly with the Village of Erickson and make application to the Department of Industry and Commerce for a loan to purchase the N.W. 33-17-18 from Mrs. Ethel Sloane. This was a joint meeting between the Village and R.M. of Clanwilliam.


That we approve of applying for a grant from the Department of Tourism Recreation and Cultural affairs towards Installation of Ar­ tifical ice in the Erickson and District Recreation Centre.


Harold Stitt appointed as Fire Chief for Rural Municipality.


Be it resolved that the R.M. of Clanwilliam approve of entering into a joint agreement with the Village of Erickson through a 15 year, $150,000.00 debenture issue to complete the payment of the capital debt of the Erickson and District Recreation Centre and the remainder of the Erickson Arena Building Committee toward the construction of a new arean.


A by-law to establish a Joint Recreation Commission for the Village of Erickson and the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam.


That it be resolved to support the following Centennial Project "A Picnic Campground area in Centennial Park"

That it be resolved that we support our member of Parliament's position on no change to the constituency's name as Portage Marquette and the boundary remain the same.

Whereas the council does not oppose anyone being bilingual (in any language) and recognizes their right to use either French or English. But Whereas a totally bilingual province would involve an enormous expense by requiring present staff to be bilingual or requiring new bilingual staff, and by printing all literature and documents in 2 languages for a small minority of the population, therefore be it resolved that the council of the R.M. opposes any accord reached between the Province and the Federal Government and the Franco-Manitoba Society to declare Manitoba a bilingual Province.

Be it resolved that the R.M. of Clanwilliam adopt the draft development plan as submitted with the latest land use policies revisions by South Riding Mountain Planning District.

Two members of the Centennial committee advertising the coming of the 84 R.M. Centennial.

12 o'clock Midnight-Celebrating 1984 Centennial.