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Re-enactment of llllU, Reeve, Council Secretary- TT'f!tlSUrer and Clerk.

RESOLUTION rORM , 1 - 1984



Mo«J by Councillor t!~ ~.. .
Seconded by Councillor ::i;.2.. J~~ .

WHEREAS the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam

.Januar.)' .. 6

.. ./9 .. M ..

is entering

___________ 1"'· n'-"t"'o"-'i"-'t"'s!......!<o~nc!:e.....!!h.!!.un!!:d~r~e~do!.!t=.!h.!.....Jyc::e~a~r~o~f~i!!.nc!<:o~r~p~o~r~a~t:;i:..':o~n~ _

AND WHEREAS this milestone marks the success of our forefathers

who by their determination, hardwork and courage, lived up to the

motto on the corporate seal - WORK CONQUERS ALL and have guided

and protected the developement of this municipality and the welfare

.. . of its inhabitants through many difficult times

NOW TIfEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED TIfAT we salute the pioneers of this

municipality and pledge ourselves to the continuance of sound

. " .. - -.----"--

local government and entrench the values and beliefs and principles

of our ancestors to maintain and uphold for the next one hundred

years the pride. freedom and rights of the upcoming generations_