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',[}::i;,;::~EitS the residents of the 'I'own s l t e of

?:r i o k so n have t e k en steps to ha ve the townsite incorp-

or a t ed LS G Vil138e under the provisions of the j~un-

ici"j:~l .: .. ct.

seventy-five housenolders askin~ for such incorporation,

has ~een presented to the Lieuten~nt-Governor in Council.

ip~lity of Cl~nwilliam has been requested to go on record

as to its e ppr ova I or disapproval of such Lncor ptr a t i on ,

:;:~O,j TT'>{H~}i'ORE we, the council of the R1..U'91

~r.unicipality 01' :.:aanv\'i.lliam, hereby r e c oz-d our vote

as f~vorir,~ the incorporation of the Townsite of Erick-

-' ..

SOL i:.lS d 'Tillage under the provisions of the ::unicipe.l