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Associates stating that the present rink needed renovations with costs ranging from $70,000.00 to $100,000.00. A large crowd was in attendance and it was decided to take a vote whether the old rink should be repaired or the money be put towards a new rink. A large show of hands favoured a new rink. Volunteers wanting to serve on the committee were taken down. Garth Lee was nominated president at a later meeting, Rudy Usick ­ Vice-President, Marge Gregorash - Secretary, and Betty McInnes - Treasurer. Others on the committee were Wendell Johnston, George Rogers, Ernie Brookman, Archie Campbell, Marg Eden, Bob Uhl, Leo Woywada, Wilma Jacobson, Terry Sprott, Earl Wickdahl, Reg Nylen, Tom Mochnacz (later resigned) and Dennis Whitebird. Betty McInnes later resigned and Wilma Jacobson was nominated Treasurer. This committee took it upon themselves with the backing of all community groups, the Village of Erickson and the R.M. of Clan­ william, to start holding meetings, discussing plans, raising monies, determine in which area the new rink should be located, etc. It was felt that with taxpayers opposing this financial burden, a hearing was held on February 25, 1980, in which the Municipal Board of Manitoba ordered "That the objections be allowed and that By-law No. 1241 of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam be and is hereby not approved".

With meeting after meeting, finally on July 10, 1980, a sod-turning supper was held and construction started on a new skating rink with plans for artificial ice in the future being included. The contractors had been hired and construction had started when the Skating Rink president, Garth Lee, suddenly passed away on July 12, 1981. Later, on July 28, 1981, Marge Gregorash called a meeting and Rudy Usick accepted the Presidency, with George Rogers as 1st Vice-President and Terry Sprott as 2nd Vice-President. A memorial fund was established in memory of Garth Lee and Herb Roehl.

Our first community supper and dance was organized and held on October 24, 1981, hopefully making this an annual event until the new skating rink debt will be paid.

With the local organizations raising money, grants from the Lotteries Commission and Employment and Immigration labour grants, work has continued. The committee installed two CNR bunk cars as change rooms so public skating, hockey and figure skating clubs could

A group at a local carnival - 1970's.

be enjoyed for everyone concerned.

With the use of the Erickson and District Recreation Centre, lunches were provided, as well as a place to warm up and chat. Continuing support from the Rec Centre by opening their doors to the skating rink committee was appreciated.

Another public meeting was held on November 23, 1981 forming the Operational Committee. They were Alice McInnes, Randy Huntinghawk, Jim Ziegler, Sue Campbell, Bob Uhl and Dennis Whitebird. With these two committees working together with the support of the community, the unforeseen will be a realization for the children and future generations. Now in 1983, the waiting, change and washrooms are nearing completion.


by Doris Gusdal

Prior to 1961, there was not a Figure Skating Club in the community. The Skating Rink committee and in­ terested citizens gathered the local children to display their skating skills at Carnivals, which raised money to operate the outdoor rink and later for the then proposed new indoor skating rink.

The Erickson Figure Skating Club held their first meeting January 9th, 1961, in the Municipal Office. Mrs. Anne Berkowski was nominated President; 1st Vice President, Mrs. Thora Lofgren; Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Anne Johnson; Ways and Means, Jean Bertram and Joan Denker; Publicity, Raymond Lofgren; Teacher, Janice Ward; Helpers, Gail Penonzek, Joan Graham, Raymond Lofgren and Linda Luzoey.

The first skaing lesson was held January 12, starting at 10 a.m. Sixty-one children joined the new club with more expected.

The 1965 ice show had the following members; Seniors Eleanor Bertram, Diane Johnston, Wendy Johnston, Donna Townley, Joyce Wilmot, Darlene Warrington, Jewel Thoren, Alma Holmberg and Billy Steele. In­ termediates: Eileen Clayton, Cheryl Dymeterko, Iris Iwanyshyn, Jerry Zahodniak, Randy Dymeterko, Laurie McInnes, Paulette Kotyk. Primary and Junior: Debbie Lundman, Ardelle Larson, Sheri Coey, Darlene Waksdale, Patricia Kotyk, Kenny Brookman, Cathy Gusdal, Barbara Earley, Valerie Carter, Peter Oshust, Roberta Earley, Brenda Jacobson, Daidre Paulsen, Cindy Earley, Elaine Burkett, Heather Carlson, Morley Lundman, Curtis Carter, Terri-Lyn Ward, Elva Burkett, Clare Larson and Tracy Ward.

Figure Skaters who performed were: Paulette Kotyk, Wendy Johnston, Linda Luzney, Raymond Lofgren, Diane Johnston, Beverley Church, Billy Steele, Donna Townley and Alma Holmberg.

The 1966 ice show had the following members; Wendy and Diane Johnston, Eleanor Bertram, Joyce Podruski, Jewel Thoren, Donna Townley, Laurie McInnes, Cindy Earley, Daidre Paulsen, Darlene Waksdale, Brenda Jacobson, Debbie Lucas, Debbie Lundman, Ardelle Larson, Billy Steele, Janice Berkowski, Elva Burkett, Cathy Gusdal, Wendy-Anne Richot, Nancy Wilmot, Valerie McPhee, Elaine Burkett, Patricia Kotyk, Valerie