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George and Anna Luzney.

Marlene and Evelyn Sawisky,


Carter, Debbie Moore, Terri-Lyn Ward, Barbara Earley, Sheri Coey, Ruth Hampson, Iris Iwanyshyn, Edith Waldron, Heather Carlson, Karen and Patsy Podruski, Randy Dmyterko, Tracy Ward, Kenny Brookman, Bruce Clark, Peter Oshust, Morley Zahodniak, Jerry Zahodniak and Bryan Jacobson.

In 1967, Erickson Figure Skaters Bill Steele, Diane and Wendy Johnston attended the Brandon Summer Skating School. Bill Steele and Diane Johnston were sponsored by the Erickson Athletic Association and the Erickson Figure Skating Club. All three passed their Preliminary Figure Test. Bill and Diane also passed the Three Preliminary dances (Dutch Waltz, Swing Waltz and Canasta Tango). Due to illness Wendy just took and passed the Dutch Waltz.

February 14, 1969 attracted over 500 Persons to the Erickson Memorial Arena for the Annual Ice Revue at which time the Erickson Figure Skating Club presented "The Whole Year Round" which was the theme for the evening's program. Sixty figure skaters participated and attractively depicted the calendar year. Mr. Lome Mackedenski was master of ceremonies for the evening.

January, the month when we get rid of the old and bring in the new, was presented by Karen Shell born , as the old man of '68, and Hazel Bishop, as the baby of '69. To express the meaning of February, the month of hearts, the program continued with the Valentine Heart dressed attractively in red and white. The wearing of the Shamrock and St. Patrick's Day, the theme for March was portrayed by two lovely ladies, Cindy and Barbara Earley. April brings us Easter and of course Easter bunnies as depicted by the youngest group. Laurie Mcinnes presented a solo to depict the month of May. Eileen Clayton portrayed the month of July, Con­ federation month, the month of our new flag. Darlene Waksdale in a solo skate depicted the month of August. As we think of September and it's nice long walks, the team of teachers, Diane Johnston and Bill Steele made the presentation. Graduation was portrayed by Iris Iwanyshyn as "The Graduate". October was made up of "Halloweeners". November, being the month when skates and hockey equipment are taken out of storage was put on by the "hockey boys". The Figure Skater who skated amongst the hockey team was Paulette Kotyk. December, the last month of the year was a presentation of elves who were Elaine, Elva and Glynnis Burkett. As they left the ice, living-doll in the attire of a ballerina did her own performance as the youngest member of the Figure Skating Club. She was five year-old Barbara Johnston, a most adorable doll. Mrs. Santa Clause was performed by Wendy Johnston. The figure skating in­ structors, Diane and Wendy Johnston and Bill Steele were recipients of gifts of appreciation.

In 1970 the Ice Revue, Centennial of Manitoba was coached by Wendy Johnston, Paulette Kotyk, Bill Steele and Decorator Charlene Boucher. Indians and Buffalo, were performed by the Primary class; Western Style by Wendy McDonald and Kim Skog; North to Churchill performed by Junior girls; year 2070 performed by Judy Kingdon and Donna Morris; Louis Riel by the Junior Boys; Purtiest Gal Around, Cindy and Barb Earley; Lone Cowgirl, Ruth Hampson; Manitoba Future Secondary