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Linda Luzney, Raymond Lofgren.

group; Reminiscing, Charlene Boucher; Shall We Dance, Ruth Hampson and Heather Carlson; Legend of White Horse, Hazel Bishop and Karen Shell born; Stroll In the Park, High school students; Saloon Hostess, Eileen Clayton; Immoral, Illegal and Fattening artist unknown; Hostess A Go-Go, Iris Iwanyshyn; Cowgirls Show Down Intermediates; Doodling Along Pat and Karen Podruski; Rambling On, Paulette Kotyk; Spirit of '70, Bill Steele; Age of Aquarius, Bill Steele; The Girl from the Red River, Wendy Johnston.

The 1972 presentation of Peter Pan began with a presentation by the Bears, Alan Gregorash, Jackie Cornborough, Kent Warrington, Janice Furevick, Jim Chow, Margie Parrott, Kerrie Butler, Louise Usick, Gloria Usick, Judy Usick, Arlene Usick, Clarice Steele, Lisa Pringle, Tiffany Pringle, Lori Mackedenski, Rosemary Byskal, Judy Woloshen, Valerie Woloshen, Leanne Stitt, Barbara Emslie, Barbara Oshust, Glen Earley, Jackie Nehring, Vicky Brandon, Richard Moskaluk, Melanie McDonald and Tracy Challborn. This group was instructed by Judy Scotland, Cindy Earley and Sheri Coey; Tinkerbell was a solo by Sherri McDonald, followed by a solo by a Senior girl Sheri Coey; Peter Pan and Wendy Senior Duet by Judy Scotland and Heather Carlson; Stars by the Juniors' 1 group Wallis Wilmot, Lisa Mackedenski, Susan Oshust,

Dorothy Vanderhust, Holly Chow, Heather Chow, Barbara Johnston, Lori Boucher, Kim Skog, Wendy McDonald, Patsy Warrington and Betty Challborn. This act was instructed by Judy Scotland and Iris Iwanyshyn. John and Michael, a Senior Duet, was performed by Cindy and Barbara Earley; Debbie Alexander was performed by a guest skater, and first part ended with a solo by Iris Iwanyshyn. The second half of the program began with Lost Boys, the Junior II group, consisting of Shelly McInnes, Sheri McDonald, Lynn Sundmark, Roberta Early, Cindy Johnson, Maureen Coey and Dawna Skrupa. This group was instructed by Judy Scotland and Eileen Clayton; Pirates, a boys' group, was performed by Garth Skrupa, Gerald Parrott, Keith Furevick, Wally Butler, Ross Robinson and Ricky Yanchycki. Instructors for this group were Judy Scotland, Heather Carlson and Ruth Hampson; Captain Hook and Smee was a Junior II Duet by Maureen Coey and Roberta Earley. This was followed by a Solo - Eileen Clayton; Mermaids performed by a group of In­ termediates were Donna Suski, Sherri and Delores Robinson, Sherri Kopeechuk and Hazel Bishop. In­ structors were Judy Scotland and Hazel Bishop; A Junior II solo called Crocodile was performed by Shelly McInnes; Indians by the Senior girls and solo by in­ structor Judy Scotland.

Diane Johnston, Bill Steele.