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Alma Holmberg, Bill Steele.

March 7th, 1975 was the scene of the annual ice car­ nival in Erickson. Sixty-three children skated to the theme Down Memory Lane. Heather Carlson, Sheri Coey, Cindy Earley and Ruth Hampson, who leave the club this year, chose items they had skated to in carnivals during the past ten years. Each class skated to one of these themes. Raymond Lofgren, who taught lessons to most of the older children in the club, came home to be guest skater. The five girls who taught lessons this year were presented with small gifts as token of appreciation. Beginner Skaters in the class were as follows: Cindy Siwak, Blair Jacobson, Tanis Wilmot, Michael Usick, Bonnie Gunnarson, Monica Warwaruk, Murray War­ waruk, Danica Gusdal, Becky Lee, and Roxanne Usick ­ Coached by Heather Carlson; Elementary - coached by Scott Furevick and Sheri Coey - Scott Tysseland, Jayson Uhl, Gwen Siwak, James Brookman, Maureen Usick and Kelly Jacobson; Junior B's coached by Sheri Coey were lona and Dawn Cutter, Jackie Marcino, Michelle Cutter and Ruth Eden; Junior A's coached by Ruth Hampson were Kerri Butler, Valerie Woloshen, Suzanne Siwak, Louise Usick, Michelle Johnson, Lori Mackedenski, Jacquie Cornborough, Janice Furevick, Leanne Stitt, Judy Usick and Barbara Oshust; Power Skating coached by Ruth Hampson and Heather Carlson -- Wally Butler, Jimmy Chow, Kelly Henderson, Blaine Gusdal, Jimmy Holmberg, John Byskal, Glen Earley; Intermediate class coached by Barbara Earley -- Melanie McDonald, Leslie Mcinnes, Rose Marie Byskal, Tracy Challborn and Gloria Usick; The Senior class coached by Cindy Earley were Arlene Usick, Jana Henderson, Patsy Warrington, Barbara Johnston, Wally Wilmot, Lisa Mackedenski, Sherri Mcinnes, Judy Woloshen and Garth Skrupa.

March 2, 1977 was the final ice revue held in the Erickson and District Memorial Arena. Bridgette and Monica Warwaruk performed as Genii opened the program inviting all on a magic trip around the world; Adjo from the Viking of Erickson was skated by Jim McKenzie; Stars and Stripes were performed by Lance Bryce, Natalie Mekelburg, John Byskal, Clifton Eden and Robin McKenzie; A trip to the U.S.A. with a stop at Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse was performed by Shelly Mcinnes, Sherrie McDonald, Maureen Coey and


Kim Skog; Hawaiian Dancers were Kelly Jacobson, Janice Furevick, Michelle Cutter, Ruth Eden, Valerie Woloshen, Kerrie Butler, Louise Usick, Michelle Johnson and Lori Mackedenski; On to Mexico with Dale Gregorash, Dean Ziegler, Murray Warwaruk, Lawrence Warwaruk, Jeff Uhl and Blair Jacobson; Sailing into the English Fog were Rosemary Byskal, Glorianne Usick, Judy Woloshen, Barbara Johnston and Leanne Stitt; A trip to visit the Queen at Buckingham palace was made by Leslie Mcinnes; Travelling on to Scotland was Gail Roehl and then to kiss the Blarney Stone was a tiny shamrock, Robin McKenzie, France's Can Can girls were Lisa Bryce, Monica Dobroski, Tara Dobroski, Melanie Michalchuk, Angela Shellborn, Danica Gusdal, Karen Maduke, Tannis Wilmot and Becky Lee; A solo by Michelle Johnson ended the first part of the program. The second half with the trip continuing throughout the world, was performed by Jim McKenzie, Melanie Me­ Donald, Tracy Challborn, Leslie Mcinnes, Barbara Johnston, Rosemary Byskal, Judy Woloshen, Gail Roehl, Wallis Wilmot, Leanne Stitt, Glorianne Usick, Sherri Mcinnes, Janice Furevick. The instructor for the year was Judy McPherson.

In 1982 the Erickson Figure Skating Club reorganized.

Wallis Wilmot.