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Page Index of Forest to Field Volume One

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Alfred Thoren, /953.

Theodore Lee, /954-/958.

Jack Cutter, /959-/966.

Edward Turner, /967-/974.



Joseph Lenkewich, /974-/980.

Henry Oshust - /980.

1957 Jack Cutter, John O. Carlson, Leon Oshust, Linus Miller.
1958 Jack Cutter, Walter Townley, Leon Oshust, Linus Miller.
1959 Linus Miller (Deputy), A.E. Seymour, Walter Townley, Leon Oshust.
1960-61 Walter Townley (Deputy), L. Miller, Leon Oshust, A.E. Seymour.

1961-64 Walter Townley (Deputy), Linus Miller, Leon

1953 J.W. (Jack) Cutter, (Deputy Mayor), Marinus Neilson, Glen Shellborn, A.E. Gustafson ­ replaced Frank Biliuk Feb. 5/53.
1954-57 J. Cutter (Deputy), L. Oshust, M. Neilson, John O. Carlson.