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Oshust, Joseph Lenkewich.

1965 Walter Townley (Deputy), Leon Oshust, Joseph Lenkewich, W.G. Earley.
1966 Joseph Lenkewich (Deputy), W.G. Earley, Gordon J. Freko, Ernest R. Ullberg.
1967 Joseph Lenkewich (Deputy), Gordon Freko, Ernest Ullberg, W.G. Earley.
1968 Joseph Lenkewich (Deputy), W.G. Earley,

William H. Johnson, Ernest P. Collins. 1969-74 Joseph Lenkewich (Deputy), Ernest Ullberg, Ernest Collins, William Johnson.

1974-75 Ernest Ullberg (Deputy), William Johnson, Ernest Collins, W.G. Earley.
1975-77 Ernest Ullberg (Deputy), William Johnson, Ernest Collins, Art Butler.
1977-79 Ernest Ullberg (Deputy), Art Butler, Victor Bachewich, Ernest Collins.
1979-80 Ernest Ullberg (Deputy), Harold Stitt, Ernest Collins, Art Butler.
1980-83 Edith Earley (Deputy), Harold Stitt, Glen Shellborn, John Gustafson.
1983- Edith Earley (Deputy), Harold Stitt, John Gustafson, Don Steele.


1953 - January 31,1979 6 months


H.R. Paulsen W.R. Piett Janet Nylen



John Cutter Marland Furevick Dennis Skog

Ken Podruski

1979-81 Sheila Smith 1982-84 Fay Gusdal

Marland Furevick - Water Treatment Plant Manager.

1953 - That we accept the application of H .R. Paulsen as Secretary-Treasurer of the Village of Erickson for the year of 1953.

1953 - That we charge $5.00 annual fee for Taxi-Stand for Don C. Erickson on Main Street in front of "Ivars Grill".

1953 - That we engage Tony Oakley as Scavenger for year of 1953.

1953 - That we approve of paying for material and labor in full for the Fire Hall.

1954 - That we approve of Installing 6 Mercury Vapor Lights on Main Street.

1954 - That we approve of accepting Wendell F.

Johnston as Scavenger for the Village.

1955 - That we approve of the Health Officer vaccinating the six and seven year olds in the Village of . Erickson with Salk type vaccine for Polio provided for by the Department of Health and Public Welfare.

1956 - That we request the Department of Public Works for a Work Order for the Government Snowplow to keep the Village streets open.


1957 - That we request the Government Liquor Control Commission to give consideration to locating one of their Liquor Stores in the Village of Erickson. 1957 - That we approve the Village of Erickson being included in the Clear Lake Detachment Area of the R.C.M.P.

1957 - That we pledge financial support to the local Chamber of Commerce towards building of Public Facilities at Ditch Lake.

1958 - That second and final readings be given to By-Law No. 42 ratifying the supplementary scheme and providing for further Hospital facilities for the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit.

1959 - That we accept the offer of Kent's Construction for the paving of Main Street.

1960 - That we approve of attending the Rolling River School Division Board meeting at Minnedosa on August 18th regarding their school building program.

1962 - That By-Law No. 64 providing for controlling the vaccination of dogs, cats and other domestic pets within the Village of Erickson.

1962 - That By-Law No. 65 approving the signing of an agreement to install pumping and auxiliary equipment for the distribution of Potable water in the Village of Erickson.

1962 - That we approve of engaging John R. Cutter as Town Foreman on the Waterworks and Sewage Project in conjunction with the Manitoba Water Supply Board.

1963 - That we approve of amending 1963 Budget By­ Law No. 79 by changing the Capital section of same, showing Capital Expenditures of $23,680.00 for extension of Water and Sewer services to be financed by prepayment of $14,000.00 by the Rolling River School Division No. 39 and the balance to be financed by proceeds of Government Bond of $10,000.00.

1963 - That we approve of Re-Zoning the land between P.T.H. No. 10 and Old No. 10 from Main Street to Miller Street as residential and north of this from Agricultural to open space on land used as a school site.

1963 - That we accept the Tender of Arnason Con­ struction Co. for installing the Sewer Lift Station.

1964 - That we approve By-Law No. 91 providing the acquistion and construction of a Public Park to commemorate the 100 Anniversary of the Con­ federation of Canada in 1970.

1964 - That we approve of the Hotel being built on Lot 6, Block 1, Plan 585.

1965 - That we approve the following building permits Erickson and District Medical Centre - New Building, St. Judes Church - New Building, Consolidated School District of Erickson - New Building.

1965 - That we approve By-Law No. 105 to prevent drunkeness, profane, obscene blasphemous or grossly insulting language and for retraining and punishing persons found drunk and disorderly on any highway or in any public place, hotel or other house of public entertainment.