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1966 - That we approve of accepting the application of Marland Furevick as Utility man for the Village of Erickson subject to the approval of the Manitoba Water Supply Board.

1967 - That we approve of supporting the preservation of the log manse at Scandinavia.

1967 - That we approve of the purchase of a lot for the Fire Hall.

1967 - That we give approval for a trailer court to be located on Parcel C, Lot 45.

1968 - That we approve the application of a building permit for the Erickson Credit Union.

1968 - That we give our consent, approval and possible backing for a Senior Citizens Home in the Village of Erickson.

1968 - That By-Law No. 130 providing for the cost of construction and installing an extention to the existing Water & Sewage System in the Village of Erickson be approved.

1968 - That we recommend that the New Post Office Building be constructed in Erickson to be located on Lot 31, Block 1 Plan 385 as our first choice. 1969 - That we approve of providing a site of 5 lots on part of Lot 34, Plan 651 for a Senior Citizens Home.

1969 - That we approve of a grant of $9.00 to 1st Cub Pack for their work in cleaning up bottles in the Village.

1969 - That we in conjunction with the Council of the R.M. of Clanwilliam approve of applying for the 1970 Centennial Grant to complete and furnish the log dwelling now located on the Centennial Grounds.

1969 - That we instruct the Town Foreman to erect signs prohibiting all dumping on the old baseball grounds adjacent to the Water Plant.

That we approve of paying our portion, amounting to $547.00 to the Minnedosa District Ambulance Committee on purchase of an Am­ bulance for this area.

That the secretary be instructed to apply to Minister of Municipal Affairs for permission to spend $1,000.00 on an addition to the Fire Hall from the Replacement Reserve Fund.

That By-Law No. 138 of the Village of Erickson providing for ratifying and confirming the establishment of future Hospital Facilities for Erickson Medical Nursing Unit 8A be given third and final reading.

That we approve the building application for Bank Premises.

That we object to any further reduction in CNR and CPR passenger or other services across the prairies.

1970 - That we approve of supporting the event of visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and party on July 12.

That we approve of supporting the sponsorship of a Dental Clinic from Kindergarten to Grade seven inclusive for all Village pupils at the Elementary School.

That we approve of naming the old P.T.H. No. 10

passing the Collegiate to "Queen Elizabeth Avenue" providing agreement is received from Her Majesty.

That we support the application of Grey Goose Bus Lines Ltd. for an extension of franchise from Duck Bay to Winnipeg via Clear Lake, Erickson, Minnedosa, Neepawa and return for the carrying of passengers and express on a daily basis.

That we approve of paying the R.M. of Clan­ william $1,000.00 towards the boundary road built south of Erickson being our share in full.

1971 - That we request the Emergency Measures Organization to attend the Snow Festival spon­ sored by the Erickson Lion's Club on Feb. 27th and 28th with their equipment.

That we request the Canadian Radio Television to consider the installation of a second T. V. Outlet in our area.

That By-Law 161 of the Village of Erickson providing for establishing a Public Recreation Commission in conjunction with the R.M. of Clan william .

That we approve the building permit for an ad­ dition to Erickson Co-op.

1972 - That we approve of renewing our agreement with the government of Manitoba for R.C.M.P. Policing in the Village of Erickson.

That By-Law No. 170 providing for the flouridation of the Village's water supply is given final reading.

That By-Law No. 175 of the Village of Erickson to provide for the cost of construction, extension and enlargement of the Waterworks and Sewage System in Local Improvement District No.1.

1973 - That we approve jointly with the R.M. of Clanwilliam to purchase N.W. 33-17-18W from Ethel M. Sloane re: Aircraft Landing Place.

That we apply to the Department of Tourism, Recreation & Cultural Affairs for a grant to Develop "Erickson and District Recreation Centre.

1974 - Further to Resolution No. 15 of the meeting of Dec. 1973 be it resolved that we approve of buying Part of Lot 12 Plan 795 from the Rolling River School Division No. 39, jointly with the R.M. of Clanwilliam and have same added to the present Centennial Park Site

That we approve of disposing of our interest in the N.W. 33-17-18W to the Erickson Chamber of Commerce for $8,000.00.

That, we the Council of the Village of Erickson, wholeheartedly support the application of Transair Ltd. with their application for a licence to operate an Air Route between Toronto, Brandon, Regina and Prince Albert and recommend that said licence be granted.

That we approve of all garbage from private residences being put in garbage bags and placed in front of their residences commencing as from the first week in September.

1975 - Whereas The Government of the Province of Manitoba has announced a provincial ambulance