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Therefore be it resolved that grants to become available in the future be turned over to the Minnedosa District Hospital Ambulance Service for the purpose of operating this service with one ambulance vehicle to be situated in Minnedosa and one in Erickson.

That we strenuously oppose the abandonment of the Neepawa-Russell Railway line on the Rossburn sub-division and forward copies of this resolution to Craig Stewart M.P. and Hon. Len Evans.

That By-Law No. 217 providing for the transfer of Lots 21 and 22 Plan 922 to the Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corp.

That By-Law No. 221 regulating the squealing of tires and excessive noises be read a third time.

1976 - That we apply for Grant-in-Aid for hardsurfacing on railway avenue from Main Street to First Street South now registered as from Main St. to 2nd St. S.W.

That we apply to the Provincial Government for Grant-in-Aid of the following streets - 1st Sf. N .E., Centre Ave. to Queen Elizabeth, 3rd St. N.E. Centre Ave. to Queen Elizabeth.

That By-Law No. 244 providing for the setting up of a Recreation Commission a repealing By-Law 161.

1977 - That we approve the following application for building permit Erickson Lutheran Church dwelling.

1978 - That we instruct our secretary to contact Hon.

Bud Sherman, Minister of Health and David Blake, M.L.A. regarding a Lab Technician for the Erickson and District Medical Nursing Vnit No. 8A.

That we approve of purchasing all that portion of S.E.32-17-18W.

That By-Law No. 254 providing for the registration of a plan for Sub-Division on Part of S.E. 32-17-18W is passed.

Another matter discussed was the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the incorporation of the Village of Erickson and Art Butler was appointed as a one man committee to investigate the feasibility of a Community Dinner.

1979 - That we approve of accepting the Rural Municipality of Strathclair into the Planning District now composed of R.M. of Harrison, R.M. of Clanwilliam, Village of Erickson and Local Government District of Park.

That we agree to sell the serviced lots in the new Sub-Division for a fee of $2,000.00 per lot and $2,500.00 for the two corner lots.

At a joint meeting Mrs. Janet Nylen's application was accepted as Secretary-Treasurer and would commence her duties June 15179.

Also it was decided that flowers would be sent to the home and the grave of Cliff Lundman from the councils and they would attend the funeral in body.

1980 - That is it resolved to tender the sale of the


Erickson & District Memorial Arena to be removed completely by June 30, 1980 and the property to be cleared and leveled by July 31, 1980.

Whereas it is deemed desirable and expedient for the purposes of the Village of Erickson to pass a by-law to control the abandonment of derelict vehicles within the boundaries of the Village of Erickson.

Whereas the Village of Erickson does not have a Skating Arena and whereas the Council deems it in the best interests of the community to have such a complex; therefore be it resolved to give the Erickson and District Rink Committee permission to build a Skating Arena in the Centennial Grounds.

1981 - Therefore be it resolved to present a report concerning the urgency of a personal care home in this area to the Minister of Health at a meeting scheduled for March 9, 1981.

That it be resolved to request the Min­ nedosa/Erickson Ambulance Service give serious consideration to purchasing a new ambulance for the Erickson and District.

That it be resolved to support the application by Can West Broadcasting for a new Television Station at Minnedosa - re broadcasting CKND­ T.V. Winnipeg.

1982 - Whereas the Village is expanding its Main St.

Manitoba application to include street lighting, store front color co-ordination, side walk plan­ ters, benches, etc.

That the council give full support to Pacific Airlines application to receive authority to serve Westman on a permanent basis.

1983 - The first Manitoba Main Street Project was awarded to the Village of Erickson to be com­ pleted in 1983. The Province of Manitoba provided two thirds of the cost and the Village one third. The businesses received a maximum of $500.00 for new store fronts. The Village awarded the majority of the construction projects to local contractors. The trees and shrubs were bought from near-by nurseries. The Village bought its own high pressure sodium lights from a private company so it owns its own main street and park lights.

The sidewalks and mini parks were completed with decorative paving bricks, and the parks are leased from Erickson Co-op and Oshust's. The street furniture was made locally as a winter works project. The V-Turn at the west end is leased property from the CN Railway, the sculpture in the centre of the U-Turn is by Horizon Custom Builders of Brandon.

-The Erickson Airport Commission supported by council applied for a Federal grant to upgrade the municipal airport - pave runways, install lights and radio controlled beacon, to date we have received no reply.

- the council supported the Hospital Board decision to maintain obstetrical service in the