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Erickson & District Hospital.

The Village of Erickson, R.M. of Clanwilliam, R.M. of Harrison and Local Govt. District of Park (South) joined together in a common en­ deavour and made an application to the Veterinary Commission to establish a new Veterinary District with Erickson selected as the centre for a Vet. Clinic, to date there has been no reply.

Lot 1 North

Lot 2 North

Lot 3 North

Lot 4 North

Lot 5 North

Main Street - Erickson looking West.

by Ethel Neilson


Lot No. 1 is a large wedge shaped lot, Barney Berkowski has the west portion and the Hardware Store has the east side.

Henning Okeson - home for his mother Karna Jacobson Charlie Johnson - home and hardware store.

Allan Anderson and Dr. Rutledge Drug Store and Doctor's office Chown - Part-time lawyer

Barney's Filling Station and Garage Charlie Johnson Hardware Store Imperial Oil and Massey-Harris dealer

Harvey Johnson Hardware store followed by owners Alex Mytruk, Marinus Nelson, Phillip Gusdal, and Anne Johnson.

The middle part of the building was used as residences for several people. Also for teas and bazaars. Surveyors used it as their office while building No. 10 Highway.

Implement Business

Charlie Miller

Martin Lee - Secretary Treasurer for Rural Municipality. Also insurance business

D.Y. Billy Cafe followed by owners D.N. Joe, Gilbert Lee, Mrs. Brugger, Pat Carr, Alex Zahodniak, Andy Twerdoclib.

Mrs. Christiansen Dressmaking, Albert Furevick Shoe Repair, John Grodeski Shoe Repair, Bea Beddome Headquarters.

Royal Bank

H.G. Mutch Lawyer, Secretary-Treasurer of Municipality Carmichael Lawyer , Secretary-Treasurer of Municipality Reider Challswick Barber Shop

Doug McCaig B.A. Oil

Peter Slobodian International Harvester Conrad Halvarson Imperial Oil, and P .S. V. Royal Bank (1946)

Wally Townley Cafe and Bake Shop - old Bank building still behind the cafe.

Walter Skogstad cafe followed by owners Brian Bruce, Etta Tinkler, and Mary Skatch, the latter having Mrs. Holden's Boutique Shop, and Anne Shuster Tree House.

Presently - Vacant.

Peter Lee - home

Ernest Forsberg - home

Dawson McKay Home, also they built a small house for Mrs. McKay's mother Mrs. Hall. It was later moved to 2nd Street South where Alfred Carlson lived.

Vicky Ledoux also used that small house for her hairdressing shop. Peter Bruce - home

Jim Lasek - home

Norman Gushulak - home

Gordon Freko - Car lot

Parkwood Auto - sales lot

Peter Sawchin Section man

Charlie Johnson - home

Royal Bank

Part of Gordon's Garage