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Lot 6 North

Lot 7 North

Lot 8 North

Lot 9 North

Lot 10 North

Lot 11 North

Lot 12 North

Lot 13 North

Lot 14 North

Lot 15 North

Lot 16 North Lot 17 North


Part of Park wood Auto car lot

Ed Londry Blacksmith and Feed Store Hartvig Hanson - Blacksmith

Chris Skovmose - Garage

Otto Neilson and George Knight - Garage

Gordon Freko - Garage, also leased a building to Royal Bank on part lot. Parkwood Auto - J. Gustafson and D. Coey, car lot, and Skidoo shop. B. Piett Insurance and Simpson Sears agent on part lot.

Car Lot - Gordon's Service

Park wood Auto

John Skoglund - Harness Shop 1st floor Mrs. Skoglund - nursing home 2nd floor Ogroskin - General Store

Slawsky - General Store

Seigal and Shore - Max Shore has Rice Sports Wear factory in Winnipeg Julius Rip and Izzie Pepe - General Store

Kokorutz - General Store

Leon Oshust - Store

Henry Oshust - Solo Store

Thatchuk - home

Robert Reid - Section man Simpsons - Town Cop

Arthur Neilson - Locker Plant

Leslie McInnes - General Store & Meats Brian Smith - Meat Market

Reg Nylen - office

Robert Lawrence - General Store Nicky Zamonsky - "Mr. Zee's" Store Gust Anderson home - Pool Room

Nick Oleniuk - Pool Room - Barber Shop St. John's Law office - part lot

'Erickson Credit Union - part lot

Howard Shaw Drug Store

Edward's Drug Store

Earley's Pharmacy

Rolf Forsman - Home

Johnson Family, Harold, Joseph, Art, Melford Sture Forsman - Mrs. Lindgren

Lydia Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Swanson J. Sawchuk

Harold Stitt

Arthur Bergeson

Erickson Credit Union Mrs. Pete Erickson

Charlie Johnson

Harvey Johnson

Ida Swanson

John Yakiwchuk

Joe Lenkewich's Barber Shop - Bus Depot Rolf Forsman - Blacksmith Shop

Frank Morris Home and Blacksmith Shop Rolf Forsman - home

Bank Manager's home

Jim and Jane Wallace

Karna Jacobson

Harvey Johnson

Arthur Neilson

Ida Anderson

Victor Mutter

Roshka's Garden