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Page Index of Forest to Field Volume One

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1 ot 11\ North 1 ot 19North

L,)( 22 - 23 North

Lot 21 North

Lot 24 North

Lot 1 South

Lot 2 South

Lot 3 South

Lot 4 South

Lot 5 South

Lot 6 South

Lot 7 South

Harrisons Biczo's

Bill Roshka Alan Soltys Fred Ramgren E. Forsberg Tom Soltys

Hartvig Hanson Home and Corney family lived in it. B. Brothers

Chris Skovmose

Albert Skoglund

Bengtson Lumberyard

Tennis Court

Pool Elevator House

Gordon Freko purchased and moved Charlie Johnson's house there Henry Oshust

John Anderson

Charlie Bengtson Home and McLaughlin agency for cars Flora Ehlin

Albert Furevick 's Shoe Repair Shop and Residence on part lot. Herb Skogsted

Isaac Hart - It was pt. S.E. 32 in 1908 - Store followed by owners Eric Wickstrom, Gilbert, Campbell, Krog, Luckow, A. Doner, Sam Bolt Confectionery, Sokolow, Bill Soltys, Nick Gushulak, Oshust empty lot.

Back of Lot Doner's Warehouse

Allan Maximchuk - Plumber

Miller - Undertaker Parlor

Sam Bolt Confectionery and Ice Cream Parlor Ernest Gusdal Grocery Store

Tinkler Store

Jackson Store

Ken Hall Electric Shop and Betty's Beauty Salon New Post Office

Francis Strand, L.B. Gusdal andOle Berg Implement Business

Ainer and Arnold Bergwall - garage Shaw's Garage

Marinus Neilson garage

Ted Neilson garage

Peter Slobodian Implement Dealer Florian Wolski

Eric Wickstrom vacant lot

Mannie and Gerda Ramgren vacant lot Harry Zahodniak 2nd Hand Store

Peter Slobodian International Harvester Agency Florian Wolski

Irvin Frietag

Erick Wickstrom Store built in 1913 Mannie and Gerda Ramgren Store Marinus Brekke Restaurant

Marinus Brekke Theatre followed by owners Fisher, Alex Sawisky, Bernard Anderson, Ray and Edna Waterbury, Harry Dmyterko and Jack Sitko, Leon Oshust residence. Later Theatre and residence were demolished, presently it is a vacant lot.

Henry Miller - Hotel stopping place and boardinghouse

Tayler Hotel followed by owners LaTourelle, Nick Gushulak and Alex Mytruk, Steve and Frank Biliuk, Guido Prior and Frank Georgies, Walter Bohonus, Louis Penonzek built new hotel.

Rick and Steve Kalyn, T. Melenchuk, Fred Hykaway, Herb LaGrange, John Kelly, Mike Goulay. Eastland Meat Shop

Albin Wickstrom Meat Shop Albin Wickstrom - Store Nels Nelson Butcher Shop

Ivar Gunnarson Restaurant, Groceries, and residence