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In 1949, he married Ruth Mcinnes, born January 15, 1922 in Brandon. She had earned her R.N. from the Brandon General Hospital. She worked part time in the Erickson Hospital in 1950-51 when it opened. She retired for ten years to care for her family, then worked there for twenty-one years with educational leave from time to time. She retired in January, 1983.

Besides farming for over forty years, Ernest was weed inspector for the R.M. of Clanwilliam for twenty-five years and also for the village of Erickson for several years.

They have two children:

William Henry born October 12, 1951, in Minnedosa, Man. After attending Onanole and Erickson schools, he received his B.A. from the University of Manitoba. On August 31, 1974, in Holland, Man, he married Yvonne Clara Zeghers, born March 29, 1954, in Holland. They have two children Nathan Henry George, born October 26, 1978, and Gregory William Edmond, born July 22, 1981, in Winnipeg.

Yvonne has been employed by the Manitoba Tele­ phone System for many years. Bill is employed by the city of Winnipeg where they reside.

John Duncan born October 16, 1954, in Erickson, completed High School in Erickson, and married Linda Marie Spaller, (born December 6, 1955, in Erickson) on June 1, 1974 at Sandy Lake. They farmed with his father and in 1981 they moved to their own farm, N.E. 27-18- 18W. During this time both John and Linda attended the University of Manitoba and earned their diplomas in Agriculture. They have one daughter, Ingrid Susan Ruth, born August 18, 1981, in Minnedosa. Due to the ad­ versities of farming at the present time, they are em­ ployed in Lethbridge, Alberta and make their home there.


by Walter

Walter John was born on the home farm, the N.W. 19- 18-18W on February 3, 1920, the fourth child born to Emma and Henry Carlson. I attended Tales School from Grade 1 through grade 9, then Erickson High for grades 10 and 11. I attended Sunday School and was confirmed in the Bethel Lutheran Church in Danvers.

In 1946, I married Hilda Holmstrom from Onanole (see, Holmstrom, George and Hilma), and we settled on our own N.E. 36-18-19W, originally Doctor Rutledge's soldier grant.

In 1949 our daughter, Mona Lynne was born and 1954 our son James Gordon, completed our family.

In 1955, I left the farm to try my hand at carpentry. I worked that summer for Manfred Hoglander in the town of Rivers. In that fall, I went to work for Mcintyre Construction in Brandon, and stayed with him for six years. Then to Jacobson and Greiner for six years. In 1967, Bob Fines and I started a business of our own which continued until the fall of 1972.

My family spent fourteen years in Brandon. The children attended school there and completed their Grade


Walter and Hilda Carlson, Mona and Jim.

12. Daughter Mona started her working career in the Royal Bank in Brandon, met and married Edward Butler of Hamiota, who also worked in the Royal Bank. They now farm Edward's father's farm near Hamiota. They have two children: Kristine born March 11, 1975, and James born May 17,1979.

James started work with Parkdale Construction, where he worked for eight years. He married Debra Domansky of Brandon. They now reside at Onanole and both work in the Riding Mountain National Park.

In the summer of 1973, Hilda and I completed the cycle and came back to the farm where we plan to retire.


by Robert

Robert was born on the home farm N.W. 19-18-l8W in 1924. He receivedthe 3 R's at Tales School and remained at home farming with his father and is currently still farming the same land.

He married Audrey May of Onanole in 1951. Audrey operated a Beauty Salon in Erickson in the early 1950's, and started raising a family in 1957, when Heather Gail was born, followed by Robert Heath in 1959 and Len­ nard Earle in 1961.

The children got their schooling in Erickson and Heather then took a nursing course at Assiniboine College in Brandon, and is at the present time nursing in the Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg. She married Thomas Melnik of Winnipeg in 1980.

After local schooling, Heath worked on survey crews in Northern Manitoba for the Highway Department for four years and switched over to Hudson's Bay Mining and Smelting at Snow Lake, Manitoba in 1981.

Lenn, on completion of schooling at Erickson, at­ tended Red River Community College in Winnipeg where he took an accounting course, and has since gone into banking, and is presently working for the Toronto Dominion Bank in Winnipeg.

All the family have been keen horsemen, participating in the local activities. Robert and Audrey gave a great