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Frank and Maria purchased S.E. 23-IS-17W from the Canadian Northern Railways and received the title on November 22,1905.

Frank was hired by the Rural Municipality of Clan­ william as a road supervisor, received contracts to build bridges. By 1900, 40 acres had been broken and cropped on S.E. 20-IS-17W. A huge barn had been built and a herd of cattle and sawmill was in evidence by 1906 on S.E.20-IS-17W.

Marie passed away March 7, 1907, and was buried at the All Saints Cemetery, north of Clanwilliam. Before 1913, Frank moved to British Columbia where he passed away sometime after 1921.

In 1905, N.E. 17-IS-17W, S.E. 20-IS-17W and S.W. 23-IS-17W were sold to Patrick Joseph McDermott, and became known as the McDermott Ranch.


Mr. and Mrs. Albert Erickson emigrated from Avesta in Vastmanland, Sweden, to the Scandinavia district about IS96 or '97. They moved west to the Erickson area taking the N .E. 32-1S-1SW as their homestead, applying for same on March 15, IS99 and receiving title in 1904. The north half of the village is on this property. They had one son, George, and three daughters. Mrs. Erickson's father lived with them and her brother, Victor Adolfson, homesteaded S.W. 4-1S-1SW, (the Bergwall place).

When the railroad came through and mail was dropped off at "Erickson's" he was appointed the first post­ master. He wanted "A vesta", the name of his home town in Sweden, given to this new post office but this request was not granted.

The family left Erickson for Texas in 1913 and the three sisters married and remained there. At sometime George returned to Canada, settling in Ranfurley, Alberta. In 1953, when the R.M. of Clanwilliam at "Pioneer Day" celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the four-ward municipality, George visited Erickson. "Many changes had occurred," he said, "in the intervening years, but the contour of the land was still the same."

Winter view of Mr. Albert Erickson homestead.



by Erickson Family

Pete, brother of August came to Canada and filed for homestead on N.E. 2S-1S-1SW, received the title April 16, 1901. He married Mary Miller, a widow.

They didn't have any children. Pete passed away in 1911, and was buried in the Scandinavia Cemetery. Mary moved to Erickson, lived in a home on the property where Joe Lenkewich now has his store. Many people of the time remember the lovely flowers she grew in her front yard. Mary has since passed away in 1931.


by the Family

J ohan August born December 24, IS51, married Hilda Ericka Brusk on September 16, ISS2, at Koping, Westeria Lans, Sweden. She was born January 5, IS63. August and Hilda had four children in Sweden who died in in­ fancy. They came to Canada October 11, ISS7, arriving in the Danvers area N.W. 22-1S-1SW on November 4, ISS7. August applied for a homestead patent, April 17, ISS8 and received the title July 17, 1903. August and Hilda had eight children born in Canada on the homestead. Hilda passed away May 17, 1904, shortly after their youngest child, John had passed away. August was left with the task of raising seven young children. August was a very robust man, he walked from Onanole to Erickson at the age of 91 years. Family and friends recall when he was on the homestead, being gored in the stomach by a bull. There wasn't a doctor or Hospital within miles. August had his protruding insides washed, replaced and sewn up with ordinary needle and thread by a neighbor, Mrs. Bjornbom. August joined the Good Tempers Lodge and attended meetings in the Temperance Hall in the Scandinavia district. August passed away at 96 years in 1947, and was laid to rest at the Erickson Cemetery. Hilda and August had seven children, receiving their schooling at Tales and Hilltop.

Olaf Ole, the eldest, born April 1, IS90. (refer to Erickson, Ole and Effie).

Hilma Elizabeth, born October 21, IS91, left home at a very early age to work in homes, caring for children, cooking and other household duties. She later received some nurses training which was beneficial while working in homes. Hilma married George Holmstrom. (refer to Holmstrom, John and Emma).

Ebba born June 14, 1893. She left home to work in private homes in Winnipeg, Neepawa, Minnedosa and cooked for sawmill crews in the area. Ebba married Sven Gunnarson. (refer to Gunnarson, Sven and Ebba).

Edith born April 14, IS95. She worked in private homes and sawmill camps. Edith married Edwin Hemmingson who passed away during the Flu epedemic in 1919. (refer to Hemmingson, James and Clara).

Edith married Arthur Holmstrom. (refer to Holm­ strom, John and Emma).

Anna twin, born April S, 1898. She died in 1913 at 15 years of age and was buried at the Scandinavia Cemetery.